Twitter Users Demand Punishment For False Rape Accusers

The hashtag #JusticeforIzu has afforded many Twitter users the opportunity to demand an end to false rape accusations after a young man committed suicide with claims that he was falsely accused of rape.

According to the tweet shared by late Izu’s friend, a lady called Nina wrongly accused the Izu of rape.

In a tweet, the friend claimed that Izu committed suicide because he couldn’t handle the trauma adding that his phone kept blowing up.

The friend further described late Izu as a promising young man, who grew his business from sewing in his house to owning a warehouse.

He added that Izu was smart, good and had big dreams.

Reacting to the news of Izu’s suicide, many Twitter users called out people who hide under the campaign against rape to falsely accuse men of rape.

Twitter Users Demand Punishment For False Rape Accusers 1

Punishment For False Rape Accusers

@Tee_Classiquem1 said “Most Nigerian women are opportunists, give them small platform to do the right thing and watch them abuse and take advantage of it to push their evil agenda, Nani has blood in her hands, she should be used as a sacrificial lamb for the rest of her likes out there 

@nelsongreyhood said “Please if you are going to be a middle man in fighting rape issues, please kindly do it carefully with enough evidence, instead of chasing clout with it on here take it up for proper investigation. Nani was persistent in not letting izu clear his name #JusticeforIZU

@DrTONYAGBATOR said “False rape accusation is as bad as rape itself. No to false rape accusations Nani #JusticeforIZU

@MrOdanz tweeted“Someone was falsely accused of rape, his name added to a register of rapists on Twitter. He couldn’t handle it and committed suicide. The “accuser” has deleted account. The curator of rapist “register” locked account. I just hope the world is safer for women now. Say her name?

Twitter Users Demand Punishment For False Rape Accusers 2
Photo of Nina, who reportedly wrongly accused late Izu of raping her.

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