Punishment Awaits Husband who Burnt Wife to Death

The punishment awaiting a woman’s husband identified as Ponle Adebanjo is still not known for reportedly setting his separated wife, Lateefat on fire until she died in the process in OgunState.

There have been reports that the heartless man, Adebanjo, mercilessly beat up his wife on different occasions till the day the matter got to the ears of the community elders who accepted her offer to go her separate way before she dies in the hand of her violent husband.

But even after leaving Adebanjo, eyewitnesses reported that he followed her to her new apartment and threatened to kill her if he sees any other man with her.

Ogun State Police Command confirmed the incident to newsmen, revealing that the estranged man finally fulfilled his promise to burn her alive if she doesn’t return home.

Punishment Awaits Husband Who Burnt Wife To Death

Abimbola Oyeyemi, Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, hinted that the tragic event happened in the Otun-Akute area of the State.

According to the PPRO, it took the efforts of Lateefat’s new neighbours to report the matter to the police before Adebanjo was arrested during the weekend.

But the damage had already been done as at the time the crime was reported, Adabanjo already attacked Lateefat in her private house to pour her petrol while she was praying.

He immediately set her ablaze as she, in return, jump and grabbed him so they both burned together. Unfortunately, the degree of burning she sustained was too much for the Doctors to save her when she was rushed to the hospital.

She died after a few hours, and despite the level of burns Adebanjo sustained, he survived and had since been placed under arrest until the police arraigned him in court to tell the punishment that will be waiting for the heartless man.

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