Presidential Candidate: PDP Chieftain, Afegbua, Rallies for Southern Leaders

The right Presidential Candidate for the 2023 General Elections, according to Prince Kassim Afegbua, a Peoples Democratic Party, PDP chieftain, would be someone from the Southern part of Nigeria. 

He argued that the principle of Amalgamation consummated in 1914 is unambiguous in rotating the country’s leadership between the North and South. 

Rather than continue to dwell on the impropriety of turning logic on its head by the political ambition of our brothers from the North, it will make for good judgment for them to bury their interest and support the Southern zone to produce credible presidential candidates for the 2023 General Elections.

Presidential Candidate

The former Edo State Commissioner for Information in a statement entitled ‘’Zoning is a constitutional requirement,” warned that those trying to ignore this inalienable right of the South to produce the next president of Nigeria will spell political doom for the country.

‘’It is only a greedy, selfish, ego-centric, and desperate politician from the North that would still insist on going ahead to contest despite the obvious imbalance. The Governors of the Southern zones must speak with one voice in ensuring that the South gets what truly belongs to them’’. 

Afegbua denounced a situation whereby some northern politicians resorted to referring to the 1999 Constitution to support their weak argument against the zoning of political offices.

Afegbua advised major political parties in the country to ensure that what has been constitutionally guaranteed in terms of zoning remains a sacrosanct element of democratic practice.

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