Precious Chikwendu: Fani-Kayode Couldn’t Perform in Bed; Never Paid my Bride Price

Precious Chikwendu, the estranged wife of the former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has opened another can of worms before the Customary Court in Abuja.

The former beauty queen recently opened up in an interview about what she went through in her marriage with Fani-Kayode, alleging the former Minister of domestic violence.

In a new development, Precious Chikwendu filed an application against Femi Fani-Kayode through her counsel, Mr Abiodun Olusanya, praying the court to grant her access to her kids as she got intel on one of the kids being injured in the head.

Olusanya said the former Minister of Aviation had been served via substituted means as ordered by the court.

In the filed suit, Chikwendu revealed before the court that she was celibate through the six-year marriage and alleged to have conceived her four children through artificial insemination.

She asked the court to declare her marriage to her ex-husband as never existed, as Fani-Kayode never paid her bride price, nor did he perform any marriage rites with her contrary to his claims.

Chikwendu also claimed that despite Femi Fani-Kayode’s denial of being married to his third wife, Regina, she got to see their marriage certificate when the EFCC searched their home.

The application, filed on the 29th day of November 2021, reads “Application for issuance of civil summons/plaint”.

Chikwendu said her relationship with the “Estranged Cohabiter” was full of “lies, deceits, woes, quarrels, assaults, lack of trust and absence of love, battery and domestic violence, absence of sex due to the inability to perform and intolerable behaviour of the respondent sexually.”

Fani-Kayode Doesn’t pay his Staffs

Precious Chikwendu has filed to seek the following order:

“That there was no customary marriage between them (despite their six-year cohabitation) under the Igbo native law and customs. Nanka, Orumba North, Anambra State.”

Precious Chikwendu: Fani-Kayode Couldn'T Perform In Bed; Never Paid My Bride Price
Precious Chikwendu, Femi Fani-Kayode and their Four Children

And if assuming during the trial by the evidence the court finds that there was a customary marriage between the parties:

“The court should order dissolving the customary marriage between the petitioner and the respondent immediately.

“An order granting Chikwendu access to and custody of the four children between the parties, especially during their academic calendar.

“An order ordering the Fani-Kayode to be continuously responsible for the welfare, academic, medical and clothing of the four children from the marriage.

“An order ordering the Fani-Kayode to release and return Chikwendu’s property, which includes her certificates, documents, trophies from the United Nations pageantry, Red Range Rover car registered under her foundation name and the foundation’s certificates with Chikwendu’s picture.

“Other things include Chikwendu mother’s burial videos and souvenirs, mother’s certificates and documents, Chikwendu’s clothes and personal belongings including gadgets, sewing machines left at the children’s play area and her fridge and kitchen gadgets for her food company, Mommy Pee Food,” the suit read.

Chinwendu added that at every attempt Fani-Kayode made to have sexual intercourse with her, there was never an erection of his penis/manhood, making penetration frustrating.

She added that due to his frustration and his sexual desire, he resorted to rubbing his manhood on her to get relief.

She narrated in the petition that she insisted they visit the family doctor where he was diagnosed with a Cyst on his penis/manhood, which has hindered him from having an erection or performing sexually.

She added that he was supposedly placed on Cyprotab pending a decision to remove/untangle the Cyst.

“Few days after the visit to the doctor, the respondent informed the petitioner that he had discussed with Regina, and she had prayed over it, that the respondent should not do the operation, else he would die,” the suit stated.

Chikwendu stated that Fani-Kayode never took his Cyprotab medication, and anytime she tries to engage him sexually, he claims to feel pain on his penis/manhood goes ahead to take his medication.

She also claimed that he bought her a sex toy at some point, but she refused and warned him not to suggest such to her again.

In her defence in claiming custody of the children, Chikwendu stated that Fani-Kayode does not pay his domestic staff/workers/nannies, making the staff angry that they could maltreat or kill her Children someday if the children remain in his custody.

Chikwendu added that the domestic staff/workers/nannies that are not paid their wages end up resigning or could run away without informing anyone, “and considering the security situation, the workers could kidnap any of the children.”

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