Pray For Me Under Lockdown: Pastor Adeboye Demands

Pastor Adeboye

General Overseer, G.O of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has demanded that he be prayed for under the lockdown by his church members and everyone that loves him.

He buttressed his point by stressing that God says we should pray for our leaders and it is a good thing to do.

Pastor Adeboye also highlighted some importance of lockdown in the bible. One would be amazed to hear him say there are instances of lockdown in the bible but he brought out several good things that could come out of being under lockdown.

During today’s Special Dispensation Sunday service, he preached a sermon titled: All Things Work Together For Good, and started by saying there are many great things that would come out of the lockdown.

He announced to his pastors who have been resting during the lockdown while he has been busy preaching all the while that they would be so busy after the lockdown.

According to Pastor Adeboye, there would be several babies that would be conceived as a result of the lockdown and his Pastors would be busy going from house to house conducting naming ceremonies.

Taking his reference from the 1 Samuel 22-1-2, Pastor Adeboye said David was lockdown in a cave because his life was at stake, and while he was under lockdown in the cave, he met men who were hopeless which he turned into a great army.

He added that David became a captain as a result of him meeting these men during the lockdown and he used them to win battles when he became king after the lockdown.

Another instance he brought from the bible was Elijah, Adeboye said Elijah was lockdown in the house of a widow and after the lockdown, he became the first Prophet to ever raise the dead in the bible.

Adeboye also gave Joseph as an instance, he reminded the attendees of the service how Joseph was lockdown in the prison, where he interpreted dreams that turned him to a Prime Minister.

He asked everyone to look forward to great things happening after the lockdown, but also encouraged that a post lockdown planning should be done by all.

During the service, he encouraged that the plenty of the available time under the lockdown should be used to clean all houses and environment.

The RCCG G.O also stressed that the lockdown has made everybody equal across the world. “ You think you are great and mighty, where is your greatness now? The lockdown has made us all equal. You think you have the money to buy the whole city, where is the difference between you and that person who has little or nothing to eat?

The lockdown has made us all equal. God has shown to the world that He can lock us all down.”

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