Praise Ditches Family Sentiment, Goes Solo

While others were stewing in the latest BBNaija reunion drama, the Lockdown choreographer, Praise ditches family sentiment as his tweets reveal.

From the trending turn of events in the Nigerian Reality Tv space, it is no daunting task to ascertain when other connected parties have no interest in the drama and it seems Praise has other issues to sort other than BBNaija drama.

The exotic dancer took to his Twitter account to share that he was done with all sentiments attached to the family unit especially when they do not have your back as the world makes one believe. According to him, family was nothing but a ‘scam’ that were only around for what they could benefit from you.

Praise Ditches Family as New Tweet Reveals

His tweet read,

“Omo Family nah scam abeg, they are the ones to take advantage of you the most…I’m over it

Praise Ditches Family Sentiment, Goes Solo 1

Praise gave no further details on the events that may have led to this outburst but fans have been led to believe that he most likely suffered a heart-wrenching stab in the back from someone he considers family.

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