Popular Nigerian Pastor Predicts Death of Some Nigerians

Nigerian Pastor Predicts Death

Popular Nigerian Pastor, Primate Elijah Ayodele, of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has predicted the death of some Nigerians from COVID-19 related complication.

In a statement recently released, he said COVID-19 will claim more lives in Nigeria stressing that the victims would be the people dragging Nigeria backward.

Ayodele added that the virus will not be going away anytime soon and some of the victims that would be attacked would be those retrogressing the nation.

Primate Elijah Ayodele
Primate Elijah Ayodele

The Nigerian pastor known for his viral prophesies stressed that God is angry with the current leaders of the country.

He however called on Nigerians to join him in prayers against death in the Villa.

“COVID-19 is ready to kill more people that are making Nigeria to go backward, more personalities will die of Covid-19. Let Nigerians join me in prayer between 1st and 14 of January to pray against death in Villa, Covid-19 is still much around.”

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