Popular Filmmaker Drags Nigerian Banks for Fraud

The recent policies which many have absentmindedly overlooked may be more than meets the eye as popular filmmaker drags Nigerian banks for fraudulent practices.

Filmmaker Drags Nigerian Banks

The filmmaker, Jade Osiberu, popular for high grossing Nollywood productions like ‘Sugar Rush’ and ‘Isoken’, went on a rampage over how Nigerian banks have been acting recently.

Using the case of ATM charges, the director laid her grievances on Twitter. She called out the banks for changing the withdrawal limit from the usual N20,000 to N10,000 so that they would double their profit from the N35 charge per withdrawal. She wrote;

“Nigerian Banks and their fraudulent behavior. ATMs have a capacity of N20k per withdrawal but you limit to N10k so you can charge N35 per withdrawal, on a platform that’s supposed to be a low cut option for servicing your customers. Why is @cenbank allowing this?”

Here is more of her rant below;

Popular Filmmaker Drags Nigerian Banks For Fraud
Popular Filmmaker Drags Nigerian Banks For Fraud

It’s been weeks since the banks made this change, and from all indication, the filmmaker has had enough of the exploitation.

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