Policeman Reportedly Batters 58-Year-Old Woman (PICS)

Internet users have been demanding justice after a policeman reportedly batters 58-year-old lady over an inconsequential issue.

A lady with the Twitter handle, @quinnhessie, shared the story of how a police officer battered her mother after causing air pollution in their compound.

Policeman Reportedly Batters 58-Year-Old Woman

According to Hessie’s story, the policeman had a bad habit of burning refuse in the compound without regard for his co-tenants. On this fateful day, the lady’s mother voiced out her complaint saying that the smoke from his dump burn was affecting her health and went ahead to get water to quench the flame.

Policeman Reportedly Batters 58-Year-Old Woman (Pics) 1

This infuriated the officer, who got violent, threatened to jail the woman and proceeded to attack the lady with a cutlass.

Policeman Reportedly Batters 58-Year-Old Woman (Pics) 2

The lady who put out a cry for help has since deleted the original tweet for an unknown reason but hinted to her concerned followers that the officer had come begging for forgiveness. He said that he claimed to be working with the devil and fears for his job.


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