Police: Slain Abuja Corp Member Killed by Lovers Ex-Girlfriend

The Police Command of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has revealed the killer of the National Youth Service Corp member that was found dead after being declared missing for days.

Stephanie Terungwa, a female corp member of the NYSC, was found dead on April 27th, days after being declared missing, as she was last seen in the company of her 1-year-old child in the Lokogoma area of Abuja. 

The corpse of Terungwa was found in the Maitama area of FCT in her khaki uniform the NYSC confirmed. 

The Police have since opened investigations into finding the murderer of the Corp member and arresting three suspects. 

The suspects were a 26-year-old female, Jenifer Tsembe, a 36-year-old male, Monday Simon (aka Black) and a 35 years old male Solomon Abu, all residents of Oguta Lake Street, Maitama area of the FCT.

Sharing the update of their investigation, the police revealed that the suspects voluntarily stated their involvement in the murder of Terungwa. 

FCT Police Commissioner, GiP Sunday Babaji, revealed that the deceased resided in City Homes Estate, Lokogoma, with one Edward Achadu.

Sunday Babaji further stated that she left home with her one-year and five-month-old son and never returned. 

“A day later, the son was recovered at Holy Trinity Catholic Church upon a call placed through to one of the paternal relatives,” Babaji said. 

He said, “Discrete and painstaking Investigations by Tactical and Intelligence assets of the Command attached to the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigations Department led to the arrest of three suspects.”

Further revelation by the Police revealed that the suspects conspired to separate the deceased from Edward Achadu, so that the female suspect, also the estranged lover of Edward, Jenifer Tsembe, can have him all to herself. 

Jenifer, the female suspect, told newsmen that the deceased only came to her house to collect her phone the day she was found dead and denied any involvement in the act.

Stating that the male suspects planned to kidnap her for ransom. 

However, another suspect, who said he was a colleague of the female suspect, revealed that he was invited to help her scare the deceased from her man.

He stated that he met two other men who tied up Terungwa, as his role in the whole act was to open the gate for the deceased when she came to Tsembe’s house.

Another male suspect revealed that he did not murder Terungwa, adding that he held and tied her as instructed by the female suspect before he left the house.

He further revealed that the female suspect called him later in the night to come to her house, as he met the deceased in a terrible state after she has been bathed with acid.

He said, “She held my leg and was begging me to help her dispose of the body after which she called someone who brought a car for her.

“The person left the car, which we later used to carry the body to where we dumped it at about 3 am.”

He revealed to have been paid the sum of N100,000 for helping to dispose of the body. 

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