Plane Stacked With Cocaine Worth Billions Of Naira Crashes

A plane stacked with cocaine in tonnes crashed in Champerico, a Guatemalan municipality. It was reported by the National Police that one person died in the crash

The drug enforcement division of the Guatemalan Police said on facebook that it found 1,028 bags of cocaine aboard the crashed plane and two foreigners have been detained.

According to the statement, the plane stacked with cocaine aboard had arrived in the country’s airspace from Venezuela.

During an inspection of the plane, tonnes of drugs were found on board, which could cost up to 14 million dollars in the black market.

The police added that it found various documents, mobile/satellite phones, radio transmitter, tablet, 16,000 dollars and 59,000 Colombian pesos in cash, as well as several meters of cable with spotlights, which are supposed to light an airstrip.

According to the police, the plane belonged to a 27-year-old Guatemalan who died at the scene. The two detainees are reportedly a 60-year-old Mexican and a 23-year-old Colombian.

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