Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (304): JSS 1 Student Sues Ekiti Government, Demand N15 Million

JSS 1 Student Sues Ekiti Government

Mazi: Plenty people get better Brain for this country o, the only thing wey dey pain me na say some of dem dey use the brain do crime, instead make dem take am do the something wey go make Naija better

Egbon: My brother, e look like say you dey look this matter with one eye o … if person get better brain, devil fit use am if him no see better thing take the brain do

Mazi: Tah.., that one no be excuse, person wey open him eye do crime sake of say government no provide job get the mind to do crime before… imagine the thing wey this guy do now, dem say him go hack one bank, commot money wey reach like 1.868 billion naira

Buhari Meets Tinubu In London

Egbon: Shuuu, 1.868 billion naira kwa, that kain hacker na wizard him be o, na the thing wey i dey talk be that, person wey fit get this kain brain go do wonder if to say Naija system make sense

Mazi: I understand the thing wey you dey talk, but to make Naija better no be government duty alone, you no see as some Naija people dey go spoil the country name for obodo oyinbo

Egbon: Hmmm, but this Naija government suppose do more, i just dey pray make 2023 come quick, make we see how our votes fit change the country

Mazi: I hope say people no go sell their votes sha, con see this tory wey talk say Buhari go meet Tinubu for London, people con dey talk say Tinubu don dey carry walking stick waka

Egbon: Ahh, walking stick keh, wetin happen to him leg?

JSS 1 Student Sues Ekiti Government

Mazi: Con check the photo now, you remember say na since rumour don dey fly up and down say him no too well, e look like say na the sickness be the reason why him dey use walking stick

Egbon: Ohhh, and na this man wan take over from Bubu like this, wetin con be the difference between 6 and half dozen, na baba God go help this country o

Pidgin News (304): Jss 1 Student Sues Ekiti Government, Demand N15 Million
President Muhammadu Buhari and Bola Tinubu.

Mazi: Amen, but as we dey pray say make Baba God help us, we self go do the thing wey we suppose do…. abeg, go back to that page 7 make i check the news wey dey there

Egbon: Hmmm, the tory tie rapper o, dem say JSS 1 student sue Ekiti Government, con even ask say make the government pay her 15 million naira

Mazi: Ehn ehn, wetin Ekiti government do the girl?

Egbon: Dem say the girl go court say her school suspend her sake of say she do hair wey no follow go school for the state

Mazi: How that wan con give her the right to sue Ekiti government, con even ask for 15 million naira


Egbon: The tory talk say the girl papa go para for her school, sake of say dem shout give her because of her hairstyle, say her papa even beat some teachers, na so dem con suspend her for the school o

Mazi: Hmmmm, no be small something o, no wonder why some pikin dey grow up turn to another thing, so school no fit correct student again

Egbon: My brother, the thing tire me o, small time now we go see news wey talk say pikin beat or kill him papa or mama

Mazi: Some parents no dey try o…. Egbon con check the thing wey i read o, dem say this woman collabo with her lesbian partner kill her husband for South Africa

Egbon: Ahhhh, which kain wicked human being be this one, she even carry her lesbian partner join body

Mazi: Dem even talk say she don try to kill the man with pison last year before dem rush am go hospital, now she don finally kill am, make God dey help us o, i wan dey move, we go talk later

Egbon: Amin o, later now, take care

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