Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (297): Naira Involve In Fatal Accident

Naira Involve In Fatal Accident

Egbon: Kai kai, oluwa saanu fun wa ooo, ah, this wan too much o

Mazi: Abeg talk the language wey person fit understand o, no sale me collect change

Egbon: Who wan sale you?

Mazi: You no even reach to sale me, wetin be the meaning of oluwa saanu wa?

Egbon: E mean say make Baba God helpn us, as e be say Naija matter don pass the thing wey mouth fit talk finish, you hear the thing wey happen to Naira

Mazi: Naira Marley?

Egbon: Naira Marley kor, Naira Dollar ni, i dey talk about Naija currency, you dey talk Naira Marley

Mazi: Hmm, my brother, e shock me too when i hear say na 523 naira be 1 Dollar now o

Egbon: Imagine, imagine where Buhari government carry Naija people go, you sure say we never make mistake like this

Mazi: You don talk better, you still wan spoil am, you don talk say make Baba God have Mercy, na that prayer for Mercy we suppose continue to dey pray 

Egbon: Hmmm, na only God fit repair Naija as the country dey like this o, the matter don pass be careful

Mazi: Wetin you see again o, you still dey ontop this Naira matter?

Hushpuppi Indicts Abba Kyari

Egbon: You no see the thing wey Hushpuppi talk say Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari do, him say Kyari help him arrest one of him gang members wey no wan do normal after dem do deal togther

Mazi: I read the tory, but Kyari don talk say him no collect any bribe from Hushpuppi, say na Hushpuppi see some clothes ontop him social media handle, con send him 300k say him wan buy the clothe

Egbon: Laugh… you self check the thing wey Kyari dey yarn for mouth, when him turn to clothe seller, you see ehn, this one na one of the signs say plenty corrupt people dey inside government agencies and organizations for this country

Mazi: No be lie, corruption dey everywhere, but if na true say Abba Kyari work with Hushpuppi, e no go make sense o, may people respect that man o

Egbon: Forget that respect something, anybody fit look like angel, na their character matter pass, i sha hope say we no go later hear tory wey touch heart ontop Obi Cubana

Mazi: How this matter take concern Cubana?

Egbon: You don forget say this same Abba Kyari attend the burial wey Cubana do for him Mama amd now FBI don dey find Kyari

Mazi: Commot there, Obi Cubana na hardworking man, him way no be like Hushpuppi own

20-Year-Old Girl Finished Law School

Egbon: I no kuku talk say him no be hardworking, make we see how the matter go be, but this Abba Kyari matter shock me no be small o

Mazi: Make we see how the film go end, you hear say dem don call one 20 year old girl to Bar?

Egbon: 20 year old keh, where that one happen

Mazi: Naa for this our Naija o, dem say no be this country she go University sha, say one University for Naija no give her admission when she wan enter the school at the age of 13 years, say she too small, naso her father con carry her travel go India where she go study Law

Pidgin News (297): Naira Involve In Fatal Accident
Frank Penkava

Egbon: Ehn ehn, money good for this life o, if to say her papa no get money now, she for no fit travel commot go pursue her dream o,…….. wait o, see as some people beat this Oyinbo man o

Mazi: Shuuu, how dem take beat him wey him face con look like this, wetin happen?

Egbon: Dem say the man go meet him Neigbour say their music too loud, naso dem gather hands beat him so tey, himface change like this o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, i bin dey think say na only African people get bad belle o, this one too much o, i wan dey go, we go see later 

Egbon: My brother, bad belle dey everywhere o, later now

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