Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (295): Actor, Yomi Fabiyi Enter Wahala

Yomi Fabiyi Enter Wahala

Egbon: If we talk now, e go look like say person too dey talk, Baba don enter aeroplane fly commot again o, e look like say him just like to dey enter plane everytime

Mazi: Laugh, calm down now, but Femi Adesina don explain the reason why Bubu enter plane travel go United Kingdom now

Egbon: Which reason, forget that Grammar, that Summit na packaging, the main reason why Bubu enter plane dey clear to all of us, but, some people no dey like talk matter as e be

Mazi: Ohhh, I hope say no be me you dey try take style follow talk?

Egbon: Which one be corner, if i wan follow you talk, i no need to dey bend mouth now, the thing wey i know na say na treatment be the main reason why Bubu travel go UK, that summit wey Adesina talk na lie

Yomi Fabiyi Enter Wahala

Mazi: Whether you talk or you no talk, Buhari go enter plane travel go where him wan go, no be your talk go stop him journey

Egbon: But na shame on him government say him no fit make our Health sector tanda gidigba since him don enter as Presido

Mazi: e fit dey pipeline, maybe e dey part of the things wey him wan do before him tenure finish

Egbon: Pipeline kor, pipe-borne water now, shey you hear say Nnamdi Kanu no show for court?

Mazi: I hear am o, con later hear say dem don shift him case go October 21 sake of say him no show for court and dem no fit continue the matter as him no show face

Egbon: Make we wait see how dem go end the court case now, i know just know why some people no dey shame, imagine as this Yoruba actor, Yomi Fabiyi use him too legs enter wahala like this

Mazi: No be that man wey dey support Baba Ijesha dey bear Yomi Fabiyi?

Egbon: Na him o, na him be Yomi Fabiyi, dem say Lagos State government don carry him go court say him go do movie about matter wey still dey court

Mazi: Hmmmm, and i bin think say that Yomi Fabiyi sabi Constitution o, so, him no know say person no suppose talk or do anything ontop matter wey never finish for court?

BBNaija Season 6

Egbon: I wonder o, for Yomi Fabiyi mind, him wan use the Baba Ijesha palava make money ni, and las las now, him greediness don land am for inside hot soup as Lagos State government talk say him eye go see gbege

Mazi: Hmmm, na why i like the theme for this new BBNaija show be that, dem say Shine Ya Eye, make dem no go run you street

Egbon: Ehn ehn, so you self dey follow watch the show?

Mazi: Why not, if i get time, as long as e no disturn my business, i go watch am, no be everytime person go dey carry all these bad bad things for inside Newspaper for mind o, me no dey too take life serious o

Egbon: I no talk say make you take life serious, and i no talk say make you no laugh, but imagine the amount wey the winner wan carry go house

Twin Sisters Give Birth

Actor, Yomi Fabiyi Enter Wahala

Mazi: No be 50 million naira

Egbon: Hmmm, no be 50 o, na 90 million naira the winner go carry go house, con imagine the things wey dey happen to our education, webi say na handshake dem dey give best graduating students, e make sense like that?

Mazi: Kai, 90 million naira, the money heavy o, well, the thing wey dey happen for our education sector no too make sense, but how for do

Egbon: Ohh, you remember those Twin sisters wey one boy give belle for Cameroon?

Mazi: Yes, i remember them, any update?

Egbon: Dem don born o, the two of dem born boy pikin

Mazi: Ehn ehn, congratulations to them o, make i con dey go

Egbon: Abi now, we go see later

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