Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (293): How Dubai Created Artificial Rain

Dubai Created Artificial Rain

Egbon: Kai Kai, my brother, God no go shame us o, God no go shame us o, i take hand cover face for Naija o, kai (cut in

Mazi: Which kain talk be this one now, why you dey cover face for Naija?

Egbon: Mazi, Dubai don travel farrrrr, dem don go far far no be small

Mazi: Where dem go, abeg leave all this suspense, waka straight make we see road

Egbon: I just dey read am artificial rain fall for Dubai, United Arab Emirates o

Mazi: That one no be new thing now, shey rain no dey fall for Naija, or which rain you dey talk again

Dubai Created Artificial Rain

Egbon: Commot there jare, no be the rain wey God cause o, this artficial rain, na Technology plus electricity dem take make am happen for Dubai o, you see say Dubai don go far far

Mazi: Wait o, artificial rain fall for Dubai, if the tory true e mean say their Technology no be here o

Egbon: Come check the picture now, see as the artificial rain fall, dem say dem no want make heat too much for the country, imagine o, and for Naija here na Cow matter we dey talk everyday

Jeff Bezos Travels To Space

Mazi: Hmmm, this artificial rain for Dubai reach make person think the thing wey dey play for Naija o, our electricity no even stable self not to con talk of Technology wey fit make rain fall

Egbon: My brother, plenty country dey fly fast and high, dem dey take advantage of the power wey Technology get, but here, we dey talk about Fulani Herders, dey talk about Sheik Gumi up and down

Mazi: Naija go get there one day, i even hear say Jeff Bezos travel go inside space, dem say no be small money him take go inside the place o

Egbon: Na part of the things wey i dey talk be that, Technology dey develop everyday, and as e dey develop, naso plenty countries dey up their games

Mazi: Make we dey pray and get hope say everything go jollof very soon for Naija, no be one day dem take build Rome

Dubai Created Artificial Rain
Dubai Created Artificial Rain

Deadly Disease Hit Abuja

Egbon: Forget Rome jare, we dey build anything here, with all the killings wey dey happen for this country, wo, make we shift commot that side jare, you don hear the Disease wey dey kill people for this Abuja?

Mazi: Ah, i never hear o, wetin be the name of the Disease?

Egbon: Dem say na cholera o, plus say the thing don kill like 60 people self

Bishop Oyedepo Gives Reason For Sacking Over 40 Pastors

Mazi: Eh eh, make God dey protect us o, we still never finish this COVID-19 something wey dey ground, you don hear why Bishop Oyedepo sack over 40 Pastors?

Egbon: I don watch the video and the thing wey Oyedepo talk make sense, at least Church no be Charity Organization, the Pastors suppose fit work make the church grow

Mazi: Hmmm, but him no suppose talk say dem dey Fruitless now, and some people even dey talk say himsack dem because dem no make enough money

Crossdresser, Bobrisky Crushes On Wizkid

Egbon: Him say no be because of money, say na because say dem no work to win enough souls

Mazi: Na dem sabi self, i hear say Bobrisky talk say him dey crush on Wizkid, say him love the singer Die

Egbon: Laugh… choco dey that boy head, make him dey love him for inside him head like that, abeg make i dey move jare

Mazi: Oya now

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