Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (292): FG Exposes Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho

Mazi: Hmm, e make sense make person get better friends for this life o, Kai, see as friends and business partners support this Obi Cubana wey bury him mama for Anambra

Egbon: No be lie o my brother, plus e look like say the man na better man, plenty people dey talk say him dey support him friends too

Mazi: Na like that e suppose be now, I scratch your back, you scratch my own, no be some people wey go dey expect say make person dey rub their back everytime

Egbon: Na that kain people Oyinbo man dey call parasitic friendship

Mazi: Hmm, this your Grammar get weight o, dem say some IPOB member wan go break the Jail where dem put Nnamdi Kanu

Egbon: Where you see the news?

FG Expose Sunday Igboho

Mazi: For inside Newspaper now, the News talk say na Security people dey suspect say the IPOB people wan make government carry Kanu go another prison make dem fit attack the place free the man

Egbon: I no even know wetin to believe again for this Naija, different different talk, and this government no too dey talk true, no be so dem say Sunday Igboho bin dey plan to run commot for Naija

Mazi: But i bin think say dem don pack him passports that time wey dem go burst him house for midnight

Sowore Raises Alarm

Egbon: Me self surprise when i see the tory o, dem con talk say Igboho dey plan to go collect another passport wey him go fit use run commot for Naija

Mazi: Well, e possible make government get some information wey Naija people no get ontop FG Sunday Igboho matter

Egbon: Commot there jare, which information, how that wan take reduce the price of Garri, Rice or Beans for market, you no see as everything cost like gold

Mazi: No be fight now, we gather dey buy the thing and nobody like am like that, i just dey try talk say e possible make government know the thing wey common man no know ontop this Sunday Igboho palava

Egbon: Nobody dey fight you, my own be say, the information wey get ontop bandits, plus Boko haram, wetin dem take am do

Mazi: I no dey Buhari cabinet now, you hear say Sowore don announce say him wan do another protest throughtout the country?

Egbon: Make him no waste him time, this government no go allow make the protest happen as dem no like to dey see say people talk the thing wey dey pain dem for mind

Pastor Adeboye Extols TB Joshua

Mazi: Hmm, na when him announce say the protest go happen for August him con talk say government people don already write the result for 2023 elections

Egbon: Na Naija we dey o, anything dey possible, you no see as some lawmakers dey fight say dem no want electronic voting, dem dey fear say the thing fit cast dem

Amputee Hawker Buys 17 Million House

Fg Exposes Sunday Igboho
Lagos Amputee Hawker, Mary daniel

Mazi: I still believe say Naija people fit decide how the elections go be if dem register and come out to vote when time reach

Egbon: Gbam, I pray make people wake up o, make e no be say na after 2023 elections de go come still dey complain, dem say Pastor Adeboye do finally talk ontop TB Joshua death, say him send letter give him wife

Mazi: That wan make sense now, at least, him don pay him last respect like that, con check this tory o, dem say that Lady wey dey sale pure water for Lagos don buy 17 million naira house

Egbon: 17 million naira keh, that means say people contribute plenty money give her that time o

Mazi: Yes o, she say na 25 million naira people contribute give, she even don start to dey build pure water factory, make i con dey go jare

Egbon: Ok now, make Baba God no forget us too, make him bless our hustle

Mazi: Amen o

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