Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (290): Buhari Bribe Attahiru Jega

Buhari Bribe Attahiru Jega

Mazi: Kai, true true, time na money o and e no dey wait for anybody, sharp sharp, this second half of 2021 don dey go small small o

Egbon: Hmmm, no be lie o, make God dey help us, before person close eyes, open am again, we go don dey hear say 2021 finish

Mazi: Na why i no dey joke with my business be that o, because, if person no dey serious with him business, make the matter no enter sorry case

Egbon: E no fit enter, con check as this Newspaper talk say Buhari bribe Attahiru Jega o

Attahiru Jega

Mazi: Attahiru Jega, who be Jega again, how Buhari take bribe am?

Egbon: So, you wan tell me say you don forget now now say Attahiru Jega na the before before Oga for INEC

Mazi: Oh oh oh, my mind don skip him name, i don remember now, how Bubu take bribe Attahiru Jega o, because i know say that man na one of the people wey no dey shy to talk the things wey this government no do well

Egbon: Tor, i no know say you notice that one about the man too, and many people even talk say him do well when him be dey post as INEC oga, but now, dem say Bubu don give am post

Mazi: To give person post no mean say you wan bribe am now, if the person fit for the post, e no mean anything, na merit matter pass

FG Clarifies Plan To Promote Magu

Egbon: Forget that talk jare, you no say e get people wey no go fit talk true again if dem don collect post, now, dem say Bubu government don make am d Oga for Governing Council for University of Jos 

Mazi: Hmm, well, like i talk, na merit be koko, if him dey qualify, make him carry go, i even dey hear say Presidency bin dey plan to promote Ibrahim Magu (cut in..

Egbon: Imagine o, Magu wey be say dem accuse am say e chop plenty money when him be acting Oga for EFCC, now, dem wan promote am again

Mazi: But, i con later read wan tory where Garba Shehu talk say Buhari no dey position to promote people for inside Police Force, say na the commission for Police get that right, say the tory no correct

Bandits Strike In Zamfara, Kills 42

Egbon: See ehn, the tory correct o, or e no correct o, the thing wey i know na say, this government no dey serious ontop this corruption wey dem dey fight

Mazi: Na your own opinion be that and i no fit argue with you sha, this tory talk say bandits go attack some communities for Zamfara, pai 42 people for there

Egbon: Kai, everyday by day, person go dey see all this tory wey no dey totori belle, and government no even do like say dem wan take action

Mazi: We no fit talk say dem no take action, maybe the action no strong reach 

Egbon: Wetin con be the essence of action wey no fit stop all these killings since, if dem take action, why Gumi still dey waka like say na normal something him dey talk for mouth

Mazi: I no get answer to that question o, one tory even talk say the bandits wey collobi students for Kaduna don talk say na 30 bags of rice dem want make the parents of those students carry give dem

Cheerful Yahoo Boys

Pidgin News (290): Buhari Bribe Attahiru Jega

Egbon: See, na this country case dem suppose call, e don finish, because, if no be say e don finish, why bandits go dey do as dem like for country wey get government

Mazi: Come, come, come see this Yahoo boys wey EFCC arrest o, see as dem dey smile, e look like say dem no even dey bother say dem dey go jail

Egbon: Which jail, my brother, Jail for Naija na for person wey no get money or get leg, if you get any of these two things, forget, you no dey go anywhere

Mazi: Abeg, i dey go somewhere o, i dey go meet one of my business people, we go see later

Egbon: Ok now

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