Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (288): 2023, Tinubu’s Supporters Cry Out

Tinubu’s Supporters Cry Out

Mazi: E look like say fire don dey ontop mountain for Yoruba Nollywood industry like this o, this their drama don dey pass wetin mouth fit talk finish 

Egbon: No mind dem, i no just understand why some of dem dey disgrace themselves up and down, especially that man wey dem dey call Yomi Fabiyi

Mazi: Hmmm, i hear say him do one movie, say people con talk say him loose guard ontop how him do the movie

Egbon: Mtchew, that man no try at all, if you see as plenty people drag him ontop social media, i later hear say Youtube don commot the movie from their page

Scary Prophesy About Nnamdi Kanu

Mazi: E make sense like that, the people wey suppose to dey teach other people lesson through their work, na dem con dey behave anyhow, how far, you hear anything ontop Nnamdi Kanu matter?

Egbon: My brother, e get one tory wey i hear wey shock me o, the thing dey worry my chest no be small o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, e reach that level, wetin dey inside the tory wey you read

Egbon: Dem say e get one Prophet wey talk say him see Prophesy say Nnamdi Kanu pai, say him death con cause yam pepper scatter scatter for Naija, say IPOB people cause trouble

Mazi: Hmm, i hope say this dream no go come to pass o, make the matter no go turn to another something, because e don dey look like say Naija government no think the thing wey fit happen if bad something happen to Kanu

Tinubu’s Supporters Cry Out

Egbon: The Prophet talk am too o, him say Kanu dey look like person wey dey sick, say make government no siddon look make him pai for inside DSS hand

Mazi: Oh, i hope say dem go hear, this tory talk say the people wey dey support Tinubu for Ekiti don dey complain o

Egbon: Complain ontop wetin, i hope say no be money matter sha

Mazi: Dem say dem no carry dem join body for the APC meeting wey happen for the State, say some people for the party don dey push dem go one side, say e look like say dem no dey inside the film wey dey play again

Egbon: See ehn, na their own cup of Garri be that one, make dem dey drink, so all these bad bad something wey dey happen for the country no concern dem, na 2023 be their problem

Mazi: But, you no go blame dem o, na Tinubu dey important for their side, and e even look like say Tinubu ticket self don cut

Egbon: How him ticket take cut o?

Mazi: You never see the tory wey talk say the governors for Southern region talk say na from South the Presido for 2023 must to come from

Egbon: Ehn, e never spoil now, Tinubu ticket no too cut, South region fit be South-west or South-South, and if na South-west dem carry am go, e still sure for Tinubu


Mazi: Hmmm, the way i dey reason the matter, e look like say na South-South dem wan make the Presido come from o, make we dey watch how e go be sha, omo e make sense make person take care of himself o

Egbon: No be lie, but why you talk so?

Mazi: Come see this Nollywood actor, RMD as him look like 35 years old, and him dey mark him 60th birthday o

Egbon: E good make person dey chop better, make person con dey exercise well, e dey make person fresh, no be all these 30 years old youths wey dey look like 50 years

Pidgin News (288): 2023: Tinubu'S Supporters Cry Out

Mazi: Na why i no dey take better food, especially fruits joke be that o, and as i dey work, i dey find time rest too

Egbon: Na the best thing be that o, life no get photocopy, Mazi, con see this thing o, dem say some PDP Youths for Katsina buy plenty catapults wey dem wan take face bandits

Mazi: Cata gini?

Egbon: Laugh, e shock you too, con check their photo now, dem even dey test the catapult, na him dem wan take face bandits wey carry AK-47 plus other big big guns 

Mazi: Kai, this wan weak me o, which kain thing be this, how person go think so tey con say na catapults him suppose use to take face bandits

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