Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (287): Kogi Youths To Sue Yahaya Bello

Kogi Youths To Sue Yahaya Bello

Egbon: Laugh… sometimes, i go just see some News and i go just dey laugh say which kain thing be this wan again 

Mazi: E dey happen like that sometimes, which wan con dey make you laugh again o?

Egbon: Hmmm, my brother, the News make me laugh no be small and on the other hand, e dey do me one kain

Mazi: Small question, you no gree answer, wetin dey inside the News, na comedy?

Egbon: This wan senior comedy o, the tory talk say some Youths for Kogi talk say dem go sue Yahaya Bello (cut in..

Mazi: Sue Yahaya Bello kwa, wetin him do dem?

Egbon: Dem say by fire by force, him must to contest fro the 2023 Presido, say na him gangan dem want make him rule this country when him don finish him tenure as Governor

Mazi: The same Yahaya Bello for Kogi state?

Egbon: I dey tell you o, dem say if Bello talk say him no dey contest, say dem go arrange make their Lawyers carry am go court

Yahaya Bello

Mazi: Laugh…. true, true, e reach make you laugh, because, me self dey wonder whether na Yahaya Bello better pass other people wey fit rule this country o

Egbon: If no be condition wey make crayfish bend, Yahaya Bello no suppose get mouth talk say him go be Governor, not to talk of Presido

Mazi: Haba, no be Nigerian him be, anybody wey dey qualify fit talk say him wan contest, na the voters go decide whether dem want am

Obasanjo Breaks Silence Over 2023 Elections

Egbon: So, make we ask ourselves o, with the things wey him dey do for Kogi, him dey qualify?

Mazi: Well, na the people wey dey the State fit answer that your question wella, i even hear say Obasanjo talk say him no get plan to form any Political party 

Egbon: E better like that o, make all these Politicians wey don turn old Cargo go siddon somewhere, allow make fresh blood run the country

Mazi: Him say, people fit come collect advise from him hand o, but say, him no wan chuk hand put for anything wey be politics again

Igboho Boasts Again

Egbon: E make sense as him retire like that o, e for make sense if Youths fit prepare well well for the 2023 elections, make the matter no loss, voter registration don start now, but some people no gree go register, later, dem go dey complain

Mazi: No be lie o, e go make sense if people fit do the thing wey dem suppose do now, how far, you hear anything ontop Sunday Igboho matter?

Egbon: Plenty talk dey ontop him matter o, first of all, him don sue federal government

Mazi: Wawu, him mean business o

Egbon: Yes keh, him say make federal government pay him 500 million naira sake of say dem destroy him property for Ibadan, later later, him con talk say, make Police come meet him for house if dem get mind

Mazi: Laugh, but, i hear say DSS people come him house wey him run commot now

Egbon: Him say this time, him go dey expect dem, con add say, make dem no come for midnight o, say make dem come for afternoon, say if dem reach 1000, him go use Jazz finish dem

Mazi: Ohhh, so, him Jazz no dey work for night?

Egbon: Na him fit answer that one o

Mazi: Egbon, con see as some people wey dem suspect as member of Eastern Security Network cut this man blokus commot for Imo State

Kogi Youths To Sue Yahaya Bello

Egbon: Ahhhhh, which kain sin him sin wey make dem do this kain thing

Mazi: Hmmmm, dem say the man no support IPOB people, plus say him dey do aproko for government, dem even say naso dem go do everybody wey dey expose IPOB members

Egbon: Kai, this wan too far o, see, i wan dey go, we go talk later

Mazi: Ok now

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