Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (285): Native Doctor Emerges Governorship Candidate In Anambra

Native Doctor Emerges Governorship Candidate

Egbon: This federal government matter don dey taya man o, dem arrest Nnamdi Kanu, now, na Sunday Igboho house dem go burst again, I hope say dem go apply sense sha

Mazi: Hmm, na better thing if dem fit apply sense o, because e no go make sense if dem go use their reggae scatter the blues wey Naija people still dey manage small small

Egbon: Because as the matter stand like this, e look like say the Bubu government wan make sure say dem use their hand cover the mouth of anybody wey wan talk the thing wey dey their mind

Mazi: And, e no suppose be like that, at least, government suppose get how dem go take hear the thing wey dey vex Naija people, no be to dey harass or arrest them

Egbon: Abi now, Mazi, i even see one tory wey shock me inside this Newspaper o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, abeg yan me the thing wey dey inside the tory

Egbon: The tory talk say one Native Doctor don become governorship candidate for Anambra State

Mazi: That wan make sense o, at least, make the people try person wey understand Tradition well well, e don tey wey people don dey talk say make dem no dey use Bible or Quoran do swearing in for politicians again

Native Doctor Emerges Governorship Candidate

Egbon: Laugh, dem say the Native Doctor name na Nnamdi Nwanwuo, him contest for People’s Redemption Party (PRP)

Mazi: E make sense like that now, make we wish am best of luck if the people take vote carry him enter post

Egbon: Meanwhile, e look like say this Hisbah people don start again o, dem don ban Mannequins for Kano state, dem talk say e no make sense for Islamic religion

Native Doctor Emerges Governorship Candidate In Anambra
Native Doctor Emerges Governorship Candidate In Anambra

Mazi: This Hisbah people self, na everything dem wan ban, but wait o, which one be Mannequins?

Egbon: Na those plastic wey dey look like Human being, wey Tailor or people wey dey sale clothes for boutique dey take display the clothes wey dem dey sale

Mazi: Shuuu, so na mannequins be their problem now, dem no see as small small pikin dey suffer for that side

Buhari Blames Nigerians

Egbon: I wonder o, because i no understand why the mannequins take offend dem o, whether e dey make bad thinking enter their head, and i no know whether na to ban mannequins be the solution

Mazi: Laugh.. the thing still dey shock me o, you hear say Bubu talk say Na Naija people be the problem for this country

Egbon: Thank God, him too na Nigerian him be, so, him self dey part of the problem, him just dey try find the thing wey no miss, instead make him talk matter as e suppose be, him dey play hide and seek

Mazi: Though, Bubu talk correct small if we look am well o, but i no agree totally with the thing wey him talk because if you see many thing wey dey happen for the country, you go see say Naija people self get their blame

Egbon: No be lie, but, my own na say why e be say Our leaders no dey see their own error, why dem dey always blame Naija people

Mazi: Na why i talk say Bubu correct small be that (cut in..

Egbon: Imagine the thing wey him do recently o, him go nominate Lauretta Onochie as INEC commissioner, when everybody know say na APC member the woman be, shey him too no dey part of the problem like this?

Mazi: I bin think say Senate don reject the nomination now

Egbon: Reject kini, dem no reject the Nomination, imagine, person wey be your personal Assistant, you con nominate her say make she dey part of the Commission wey go dey decide how election matter go be 

Mazi: The Presido no suppose do like that now, at least, him fit check other person, well, him get him reason, con see as this woman dey try fight this Pastor wey wan do deliverance for her o

Egbon: Fight keh?

Mazi: I dey tell you, con check the video now, na as the Pastor dey try touch her head she dey dulge him hand, when the Pastor no stop, na so she face her like say she wan fight the man of God o

Egbon: Laugh, abeg, make i con dey go, this country no go kill person

Mazi: Take care

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