Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (276): CBN Threatens To Jail Nigerians

CBN Threatens To Jail Nigerians

Mazi: Laugh… Kai, i no just understand the kain spirit wey dey enter some people body, wey dey make dem behave like person wey dem dey take remote control

Egbon: Hmm, people just get diffrent different character for this life, which wan you see or hear again o?

Mazi: No be this man wey wire France Presido slap, dem don send am go jail, na 4 months dem say make him go stay for prison

Egbon: Laugh…, the man even get luck o, if to say na Naija Presido him wire that kain slap, no be only him go hear am, even, him family member go pay for wetin dem no buy

Mazi: Normal Normal, the thing wey the man do no follow, how him go get mind slap a whole Presido, dem suppose teach am lesson

June 12 Nationwide Protests

Egbon: Na same thing we dey talk, i just dey try talk say the punishment for pass 4 months prison if to say na Naija the thing happen, na why i dey warn people wey dey close to me say make dem think twice before dem join this June 12 protest

Mazi: Hmmm, e dey very important to dey very careful o sake of say na person wey dey alive fit complain say government bad or enjoy government wey good o

Egbon: Abi, if to say no be how things be for Naija, protest na part of citizen right, but as situation of things dey for the country like this, the thing don turn left o

Mazi: And anybody wey value him life no suppose take am play kite o, as e look like say government no wan see say anybody dey protest

Egbon: The people wey organize the protest even talk say na Buhari Must Go be the thing wey dem want

FG To Sale Assets Recovered From Looters

Mazi: Go where, you see sign say Bubu ready to commot that post like this…. wait o, wetin Malami dey talk again like this?

Egbon: That man sha, him just complete the team of the funny funny people wey Buhari put for him government, but wetin him talk, make i hear am fess

Mazi: Him talk say government don ready to dey sale all the property wey dem don collect from people wey thief government property plus money

CBN Threatens To Jail Nigerians

Egbon: Hmm, no be dem dem dey there, dem go just reloot after dem don sale am, you see ehn, i no dey bother myself ontop that kain matter again, forget that thing, you hear the thing wey CBN talk?

Mazi: Say dem wan do digital currency before 2021 finish?

Egbon: No be that wan, CBN warn Naija people say make dem no dey do naira notes anyhow again, say if dem do the money anyhow, dem fit go prsion

Mazi: Ahhh, jail kwa, but, make we no lie, the way wey some people dey handle the naira notes no make brain, especially people wey dey do party

Eye Lashes Land Woman In Trouble

Egbon: No be lie, i don see videos where people go spray plenty money for ground, con dey match am anyhow, na why CBN talk say anybody wey do am, go enter government trap be that

Mazi: Egbon, come come, con see something o, see as this woman eyelid tear commot

Egbon: Shuuuu, wetin happen to her eye like this?

Pidgin News (276): Cbn Threatens To Jail Nigerians

Mazi: Dem say na for Gorgia, for USA the thing happen o, say she go do eye lashes, sake of say her birthday dey near, na so the dog of the person wey help her do the eye lashes tear her eye lids commot o

Egbon: I sure say na Hospital she go do the birthday, make i dey go jare

Mazi: Na hospital she do the birthday o, we go see later now

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