Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (273): Dangers Of Using VPN For Twitter

Dangers Of VPN

Egbon: Hmm, e good make person dey do good for this life sha, since Prophet TB Joshua pai, plenty people just dey talk the better better things wey the man do

Mazi: Yes o, because las las, na the things wey man do people go talk after him don commot for this world, still, we no fit please everybody

Egbon: No be lie my brother, as plenty people dey talk say the man try, naso i see one post ontop social media where one lady talk say TB Joshua no do well at all

Mazi: You see, nobody fit please people for this life, wetin she talk say the man do her?

Egbon: She talk say, the Prophet go Hospital and dey tell him members say make dem dey take anointing oil plus holy water if dem sick

IGP, Alkali Baba Bans Tinted Windscreen

Mazi: Ohhh, but, him no force anybody to take anointing oil or Holy water now, las las, people go talk

Egbon: Abi now, but, e show say plenty people appreciate the better better things wey the man do when him dey alive

Mazi: Just do your own and leave the rest make God Judge, you hear the thing wey IGP, Alkali Baba talk?

Egbon: I never hear am o, wetin him talk, i hope say him never say make Ekelebe people dey arrest anybody wey get Twitter ontop their phone sha

Mazi: Laugh… no be that one, e never reach that level, Alkali Baba talk say dem don ban Tinted windscreen, say ekelebe no go allow make people dey use dark windscreen

Egbon: That wan make sense, because, as things dey like this, government suppose do everything wey go reduve all these Killings plus Kidnapping wey Boku like this


Pidgin News (273): Twitter Palava, Dangers Of Vpn
Koo App

Mazi: Yes o, because some people dey take that kind car wey get tinted windscreen dey collobi people, e make sense like that, wetin be the latest ontop this Twitter matter self?

Egbon: My brother, plenty talk dey ontop that matter o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, yan me small now

Egbon: Government talk say dem go lift ban ontop Twitter if dem do dey sure say the company no go dey put hand for matter wey fit cause yam pepper scatter scatter

Mazi: But, i hear say some people for Naija dey take style use the App, how dem dey do am?

Egbon: According to the thing wey i hear, dem say na VPN the people dey take use Twitter

Mazi: Which wan be VPN?

Egbon: Dem say na the thing wey go change the location of where people dey use Twitter browse, but i con later hear say the thing dey Risky sha o, say dem fit use VPN thief people money

Mazi: Ahhhh, which kain level be that, me i no like Joke wey dey expensive o, make VPN dey him dey

Egbon: But i con later hear say e get one app wey dem call Koo App wey don come Naija now, e look like say dem wan replace Twitter

Pastor Cries Out Over Dysfunction Penis

Mazi: Laugh, nothing wey Musa no go see for get, which wan be Koo again now, we still dey talk VPN, Koo con jump enter the matter

Egbon: This government no try at all, imagine the number of Naija Youths wey dey try do business ontop that Twitter, dem just ban am like that

Mazi: I hope say dem go commot leg ontop the App very soon, Meanwhile oooo, e get wan Pastor wey dey beg him side chick now o

Egbon: Pastor get side chick, con still get mouth dey talk am for public, arrant Nonsense

Mazi: Wait fess o, the man dey inside big mess like this o, him say him Blokus no dey gree rise again, con say na him side chick lock the thing wey no make am work again

Egbon: Laugh… na wa oh, wetin the side chick con talk o?

Mazi: She talk say the South African Pastor go see the thing wey him eyes dey find, Egbon, i dey move o

Egbon: Hmm, this wan get as e be o, take care jare

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