Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (266): Abidemi Rufai, Former Aide To Governor Abiodun In Fresh Trouble

Abidemi Rufai

Egbon: This life sha, i know just understand why some people never still understand say na vanity untop vanity the thing be

Mazi: Hmm, my brother, sometimes, me self dey wonder why some people just like to handle this life matter like say e pass this one, imagine how the Army Oga, Ibrahim Attahiru just pai like that

Egbon: The news shock me o, con dey very painful as i con later hear say one of the soldiers marry like 2 months ago

Mazi: The news dey very painful, the Army Oga wey dem just appoint wey never pass 4 months o

Egbon: Life just be like paper, if the thing enter water like this, na the end be that, and the worst part na say e fit enter water anything time

Mazi: Hmmm, wisdom, but i no con understand how some people con dey talk say Buhari plus Osinbajo no go the burial of the soldiers wey pai

Egbon: Make we no lie, e reach make people talk, at least make Buhari pay dem las respect

Abidemi Rufai In Fresh Trouble

Mazi: For me o, the thing wey matter pass na say make those people rest in peace and no be Buhari or Osinbajo go make dem rest in peace

Egbon: No be that one i dey talk, na respect i dey talk, and that respect go serve as morale bosster for other soldiers

Mazi: My brother, make we shift mouth commot that matter, i hear say this former SSA to Ogun state governor, Abidemi Rufai don enter another wahala

Egbon: Wetin Abidemi Rufai do again, him don collobi another money?

Mazi: Dem say the person wey him present as him surety na another suspect wey get hand inside matter wey get K-Leg ontop scam matter

8 Billion Worth Of Cocaine

Egbon: Ehn ehn, so scammer go bring another scammer as surety, whether him think say na EFCC arrest am, him don forget say na FBI dey handle him matter for Obodo oyinbo o

Mazi: Wetin you dey try talk?

Egbon: My brother, na the thing wey you dey try understand i dey try talk o, make all of us dey try descive ourselves like that

Mazi: No be me and you, my hand no dey inside to dey deceive people, the thing wey i know na say no country get perfect system, na every country get him own shortcoming

Egbon: No be lie, but one pass another, Mazi, i hear say this new NDLEA Oga Buba Marwa dey try wella o

Mazi: You see now, say one person bad no mean say everybody na bad person, we no suppose take one error judge the whole country now

Egbon: At least, no be you chuk hand for my mouth before i talk say the man dey try, dem say the NDLEA arrest one ogbonge drug kingpin with drug wey worth 8 billion o

Mazi: Ahhhhh, 8 billion kwa, that one na Oga for drug matter o

Egbon: e never finish o, dem say the man try to take $24, 500 bribe the NDLEA people, say dem reject the bribe

Mazi: Ehn ehn, that new NDLEA oga must be a very honest somebody o, if we fit get people like that for position, this country go make sense fast fast o

Scrapping Of NYSC

Egbon: Abi now, no be all these people wey just dey chop the country money, con dey pretend like say dem dey do better something

Mazi: Baba God go dey expose all the bad belle people among dem, shey you don hear say House of Reps dey debate say make dem cancel NYSC?

Egbon: I hear am o and na better suggestion, the thing don loose him relevance, make dem cancel am jare

Mazi: But, e dey unite the country now, at least dem dey carry people from one region go another to allow dem sabi the other regions well

Man Land In Trouble Over Girlfriend Palava

Egbon: Na the same thing we dey try talk, before before wey security dey, wey kidnapping plus bandits matter never dey ground, e make sense, but now, dem suppose cancel am

Mazi: Well, na your opinion be that sha

Pidgin News (266): Abidemi Rufai, Former Aide To Governor Abiodun In Fresh Trouble

Egbon: Yes o, Mazi con see the man wey go thief plantain, sake of say him wan make him girlfriend happy

Mazi: Ah, how that wan take happen?

Egbon: Dem catch the boy for Bayelsa state say him thief plantain, dem con ask him why he do that kind thing, guess wetin him talk

Mazi: Wetin him talk o

Egbon: Him talk say him thief the plantain sake of say him girlfriend wan do 10,000 naira makeup and she con give him deadline to take find money give her

Mazi: Ah, e don be, make i con dey waka

Egbon: Ok now

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