Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (263): Iyabo Ojo Blows Hot Again

Iyabo Ojo Blows Hot Again

Mazi: Hiss… all these 419 people go just dey disgrace Naija up and down, no wonder why all these obodo oyinbo people dey always suspect Nigerians

Egbon: you self don later realise say most of these Naija politicians dey disgrace the country bah?

Mazi: Who dey talk about politicians, na one of the problems wey we get be this, all of us dey quick blame leaders, we no dey see the ones wey we dey do

Egbon: Abeg o, which one we do o, no be politicians dey thief money wey dem suppose take do better for the people

Mazi: Bia, con take your eyes check am, shey this one na politician, or na youths wey get insect inside him eyes, dem say him name na Abidemi Rufai, say him collobi $350,000 for America

Egbon: Ahhh, that money na big money o, how him take collobi that plenty money for America

Mazi: Dem say na the kind thing wey Hushpuppi do, him too do, say him take computer thief the money wey US government plan to give their people sake of COVID-19 palava

Egbon: Hmmm, true true, some people dey drag Naija name inside mud, ah ah, and small time now, people wey no sabi where him see money go dey envy him

Buhari to Borrow Bigger Loan

Mazi: As you see me so, na why i no dey like envy anybody be that and na because of people like these, wey dey take back door make their money

Egbon: Hmm, Mazi, na this money wey you mention now now remind me of the tory wey i read this morning o

Mazi: Wetin dey inside the tory?

Egbon: The tory talk say, Buhari write letter go Senate, say him wan make dem approve $6.18bn loan for him government

Iyabo Ojo

Mazi: Shuuuu, that money plenty for ear o, but na wetin him wan take am do?

Egbon: I know? no be so so borrow borrow we dey hear, we no dey know how the money matter end now

Mazi: And e no suppose be like that, Naija suppose get agency wey go dey monitor all these money

Egbon: Hiss.. no be same same be all of them, abeg commot that matter jare

Mazi: Tor, you don hear the latest ontop Baba Ijesha case, i hear say dem don bail him

Egbon: Na as you hear am, me self hear am o, i con hear say Iyabo Ojo dey para

Mazi: Make we no lie, this Iyabo Ojo try ontop this matter o, she no wan make dem bury the matter at all

Egbon: Hmm, that Iyabo Ojo woman get energy no be small, you no wetin vex her?

Mazi: Abeg gist me

Egbon: Iyabo Ojo talk say na Naija people be the problem of this country, say no be leaders, she say some people dey talk say why she carry the matter for her head like dreadlock

Ordinary President Faces Backlash

Pidgin News (263): Iyabo Ojo Blows Hot Again
The girl accused of being a witch.

Mazi: You see say the thing wey she talk no too different from the thing wey i first talk, no be all the problem we suppose dey put ontop government

Egbon: Me too no talk say make we put all the problem ontop government, but na dem dey do pass

Mazi: We no need argue, i hear something about Ordinary President wey dey present programme ontop radio, dem say he slap one woman for the station

Egbon: Ehn ehn, person wey talk say him dey fight for human right, wetin the woman do him?

Mazi: For inside the video, dem say the woman pour kerosene ontop one small girl, con burn the girl, na the thing vex the Ordinary President, wey make him carry slap give the woman

Egbon: Ahhh, that woman na witch o, why she go do that kind thing

Mazi: She talk say the girl get witch, people con talk say Ordinary President no suppose do like that, make i con dey go 

Egbon: Ok now, we go see later

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