Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (254): APC Set Father Mbaka On Fire

Father Mbaka

Egbon: You see ehn for this life, e no dey make sense if person no respect himself, because na the way you carry yourself other people go take carry you

Mazi: Elder Egbon, i sure say e get where you dey go with this your proverb, go there make i see wetin you dey try bring out

Egbon: The place where i dey go no far, na Father Mbaka house i dey go and i don reach there already

Mazi: Tor, wetin him do you again, i bin think say people don commot mouth for him matter

Egbon: This time around, na APC dey drag him because him no put himself for the position where people suppose dey give him respect

Father Mbaka

Mazi: E reach that one, wetin APC talk say him do now o?

Egbon: APC Drag Father Mbaka, talk say the thing wey him talk say make Buhari resign pass him mouth, say him no suppose talk like that as person wey be man of God wey suppose use prayer help Naija

Mazi: True true, na the way wey person carry himself other people go carry am, if to say him no too dey run after politicians, him ear no go hear this thing

Egbon: Naso APC talk am o, dem say if him no put him hand where e suppose dey say dem go open him secret, dem con advise say make him copy Pastors like Adeboye plus Kumuyi, say dem dey pray for Naija

Pidgin News (254): Apc Set Father Mbaka On Fire
Father Mbaka and President Muhammadu Buhari.

Presidency Gives Benue Governor Condition

Mazi: Father Mbaka suppose don learn him lesson like this, con see the thing wey federal government dey tell Benue state governor, Samuel Ortom

Egbon: Abeg, gist me, wetin dem tell the Governor?

Mazi: Dem talk say the only thing wey him fit do if him want make peace reign for that state na to accept RUGA policy, wey federal government announce to allow make Fulani people fit settle down do their cow business

Egbon: Hmmm, you see now, this government go just dey do somethings wey go make people to dey suspect say dem get hidden Agenda, because i no understand how dem go dey tell a whole governor how him go take rule him state

US Speaks on Insecurity In Nigeria

Mazi: E no suppose be like that o, so the state no go get peace now if him no allow RUGA

Egbon: Na wetin dem mean be that o, no wonder why US government talk say the security challenge wey Nigeria dey face don pass ordinary, dem say na extra-ordinary case the thing be

Woman Dies During Fasting

Mazi: Na wa o, this thing don dey red o, wait fess, this tory look wan kind o, dem say this woman die inside the church where she go pray sake of say her marriage no get joy

Egbon: Ahhhh, how the thing take happen?

Mazi: Dem say na 14 days fasting and prayer she go do for the church o, say she don fast for 10 days, na the 10th day she con faint and as dem rush her go hospital, na there she pai put o

Egbon: Ehn ehn, wahala just plenty everywhere, person wey no get husband go dey pray say make she marry, some people wey con get husband still dey pray to get joy

Mazi: My brother, life no balance o, anybody wey get better marriage, suppose dey thank Baba God for him life o

Egbon: Thank God o, we go see later jare, i wan go for one meeting

Mazi: Ok now, we go see

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