Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (253): DSS Expose IPOB Members


Mazi: Kai, some people get wicked mind for this life o, i just dey see the video where this Baba Ijesha man dey beg say make dem forgive him

Egbon: Hmmm, i don see the video too and i con dey hear say some people dey try defend the man

Mazi: I no dey surprise say some people go defend him, i con even hear say dem bin dey plan to release am 

Egbon: I hear that one too, but Tonto Dikeh plus Iyabo Ojo don talk say if dem relaese am, say dem go make sure say dem carry the matter go Police Headquater for Abuja

Mazi: E make sense make dem no allow dem bury the case o, make dem take him do example


Egbon: Yes o, con check this headline o, dem say DSS expose IPOB people, say dem bin dey plan to carry bomb go Imo state from Lagos

Mazi: You see this DSS self, i no wan understand how dem dey take do their job o, so dem know say IPOB wan carry Bomb, but dem no no the people wey dey sponsor Boko Haram

Egbon: That na one of the signs say na Naija we dey, where bandits plus terrorists fit threaten government and nothing go happen

Nnamdi Kanu Alerts Nigerians

Mazi: Imagine o, if this DSS dey serious, dem suppose don expose the people wey dey sponsor all these Boko Haram plus Fulani people

Egbon: Dem no go do that one, na shadow dem go dey chase up and down, Nnamdi Kanu even talk say Naija Army carry drone go some communities for Imo state

Mazi: But why?

Egbon: Say na part of the agenda of the Nigerian Army, con say make people for that community no sleep ontop bicycle

Mazi: Government suppose use sense handle this matter o, all these one sided fight against insecurity no go pay o

CBN Warns Staff

Egbon: E even get one News wey talk say Central Bank of Nigeria don warn their staff say make dem no dey waka anyhow again o

Mazi: Ahhh, why dem dey warn dem, any bad thing wan happen to dem?

Egbon: The bank talk say, dem dey see signs say some bad belle people wan dey collobi people dey ask for money

Mbaka Withdraws Support For Buhari

Mazi: Ehn ehn, this matter get as e be like this o, e look like say na this Father Mbaka advise we suppose follow now o

Egbon: I hope say no be vision again, because the one wey him see before we do that 2015 election still dey cause something wey pass mouth o

Mazi: No be vision, him talk say as matter be now, say the solution na say make Buhari resign or make the people wey dey for National Assembly plus House of Reps commot him one time

Egbon: You see, i don dey reason this thing since, e just look like say those lawmakers no dey feel the thing wey dey happen for the country, dem just dey collect big big money, dey ride better car

Mazi: But you sure say dem go fit commot Buhari like this

Egbon: Mazi, if to say na country where Law dey work, if Buhari himself no fit resign, the Lawmaker people suppose don commot am since, you no see as the country just look one kain

Mazi: See ehn, if dem dey deceive me, i no go deceive myself, true true, things no dey as e suppose dey, but Buhari no fit resign and dem no (cut in)

Egbon: And dem no fit commot am abi, no be wetin you wan talk be that, i don already know say na the thing wey you go talk be that

Jealous Husband Bushers Wife’s Arm

Pidgin News (253): Dss Expose Ipob Members

Mazi: One thing wey i know na say you no fit beat me ontop my opinion, and i no fit see black make i call am white sake of say i wan make you like me

Egbon: Who dey talk about like or dislike here now, you gbadun how this country dey like this?

Mazi: Nobody gbadun am, but the truth be say Buhari no fit resign like that, see, make we commot that side

Egbon: Con go which side

Mazi: E get one woman wey post her tory ontop social media, talk how her jelous husband take busher her hand sake of say him bin dey suspect say she dey two face o, dem con cut the hand later

Egbon: Chai, na wa oh, different different just dey happen ontop love, marriage plus relationship, naso i hear say one lady boil oil con pour am ontop one man wey be him manfriend for Abuja and the man na married man o

Mazi: Ahhh, this one deep o, make i con dey go, person wey get better wife or husband suppose dey thank God o

Egbon: Abi, we go see later now

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