Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (247): UK Government Wan Help Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu

Mazi: Whether you rich or poor o, las las, na death Senior everybody

Egbon: That one na one of the things wey sure pass for this life, e just dey painful say some people no dey remember say dem go Pai one day

Mazi: Dem suppose dey remember o, because if dem dey remember dem no go dey behave like say dem no go Pai one day

Egbon: But wait o, this wan wey you dey preach like this wetin happen?

Mazi: No be say i dey preach, i just dey state facts and na this Presido for Chad wey Pai make me remember the facts

Egbon: Ahh, so him don pai, but i hear say him win election to rule for 6th term some days ago

Mazi: My brother, that is life for you o, death no care say him win election or say him be Presido o, na one of the things wey suppose dey teach people lesson be this

Egbon: Hmm, you talk am well no be small, and according to i hear say him don dey rule the country since 1990, how person go dey power for over 30 years

Mazi: You see ehn, na one of the things wey no go allow make Africa develop be that, some leaders too dey selfish

Uk Government Wan Help Nnamdi Kanu
Former Chadian President, Idris Debby.

Fuel Scarcity Hits Abuja

Egbon: But, dem no dey remember say nothing we bring come this world and we no fit carry ordinary pin commot when death come, wait self, you no see as queue plenty for filling stations?

Mazi: My brother, the thing tire person o, i just say make i carry my car commot, naso i see plenty cars for all the filling stations wey i pass o

Egbon: i no just understand why this fuel scarcity something dey happen from time to time, e look like say some people dey gain from the scarcity

Mazi: And small time now, dem go dey blame government, and i even read am say NNPC talk say dem no increase the money for fuel

Egbon: Imagine o, so some people just get evil mind to make other people suffer ontop nothing, the sufferhead wey dey this country, some citizens get hand inside self

Mazi: Na today i don dey talk am, some people too dey greedy, dem like to dey take advantage of other people and no be better thing at all

UK Government Wan Help Nnamdi Kanu

Egbon: E look like say Nnamdi Kanu don dey get support from the UK Government o

Mazi: Which kind support dem wan give Nnamdi Kanu?

Egbon: I hear say the UK government talk say dem go welcome any IPOB member wey wan do Asylum for their country if sign show say Nigerian government wan dey do dem anyhow

Mazi: Ohhh, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB don dey get upper hand o, my own be say, make dem no do anything wey fit cause yam peppper scatter scatter, because i no go forget how the BIAFRA war take plenty lives that time 

Egbon: Nobody dey pray say make war happen, na federal government suppose arrange the thing well make e no turn another thing

Mazi: Well, i get wetin you dey try talk, but e look like say Nnamdi Kanu sabi follow these IPOB people talk pass the governors for the South-East self

Woman Ends 1 Week Marriage Because Of Manhood 

Egbon: Las las, na Naija government dey make the thing look like say e dey difficult, other countries wey don grow well well, dey get this kind roundtable talk wey no go lead to fight

Mazi: Naso e suppose be now, this wan wey some people dey burn police station dey kill security people for South-East, i no wan make dem give my people bad name o

Egbon: Me i no support the burning of stations plus killing of security people, even though Nnamdi Kanu talk say no be IPOB member dey do am

Mazi: Laugh, nothing wey person eye no dey see for inside News these days o

Egbon: Wetin your eyes see ?

Mazi: No be this tory wey talk say woman wey just marry go court say him wan scatter the marriage after 1 week

Egbon: Ahhhhh, one week keh, wetin fit happen wey go make her say she no do again

Mazi: She talk say her man banana too big, say the thing dey hook her for neck if she wan chop am

Egbon: The husband na banana seller?

Mazi: Dey do like say you no sabi wetin i dey talk o, she talk say her husband chief of staff wey dey under over big, say e dey always pain her anytime dem say make dem do meeting ontop bed

Egbon: Ohhhh, laugh, this life self, and some people go dey somewhere dey complain say their husband banana too small like that o, all man with him own case sha

Mazi: Nao e be o, we go see later now

Egbon: Ok now, take care

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