Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (246): Pastor See Vision About Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed

Egbon: Dem just dey sack this Mourinho up and down, Mazi, how you take see the way wey Tottenham Hotspur take collect job from Mourinho hand?

Mazi: Wait make i ask you, how that one take put money inside my pocket, the time when dem no sack am, how e take affect my business

Egbon: No be everything go bring money inside your pocket, sports na just for fun

Mazi: Thank you o, sports lecturer, anything wey no go bring money, i no dey give am my time

Egbon: Is ok o, sha remember say, life no be all about money money everytime

Mazi: I get as i dey take relax, no be to dey spend my money or time ontop something wey no go bring money

Egbon: No wahala, na your choice, abeg, wetin dey inside that Newspaper wey you hold, that second page

Mazi: Oh, this one, dem say Osinbajo give Bubu the report ontop wetin happen when him no dey around

Egbon: Abeg, open the next page, if e like make him no report, their report no affect me

Mazi: But, make we no lie, government suppose do something ontop how food plus other things dey very expensive o

Lai Mohammed

Egbon: So, you self notice say the prices of everything don wear shoulder pad for market

Mazi: No be this country we gather dey?

Egbon: I no sure say we gather dey this country, because if we gather dey, you no go dey talk say make Naija people dey pray anytime i talk say things no run as e suppose run

Mazi: Na you dey misinterpret wetin i dey talk, i no fit talk say make we dey pray ontop wetin government suppose do

Governor Akeredolu Gets Ultimatum

Egbon: Me self wonder o, I hear say students wey dey for Ondo state don give Governor Akeredolu 7 days ultimatum

Mazi: To take do wetin?

Egbon: Dem say make him take the ultimatum find solution to the strike wey dey for one of the state University

Mazi: Strike strike everytime, na wa oh, small thing like this, na strike, e look like say these government workers too like strike self

Egbon: Why dem no go strike when the government no do wetin dem dey ask for

Vision For Lai Mohammed

Mazi: No be say i dey support say make government no pay dem or do wetin dem suppose do, but, e no suppose always end up in strike everytime, na the students dey suffer this thing pass

Egbon: No be lie, but how for do, wait o, na coincidence be this

Mazi: Wetin be that?

Egbon: As i just talk say no be lie, na so i see this tory wey dey talk about Lai Mohammed

Mazi: Laugh.. you too dey do too much calculation, how no be lie and Lai Mohammed take relate?

Egbon: Make we commot that side, the tory talk say one Pastor see vision about Lai Mohammed, Amaechi plus Senate President, Ahmad Lawan

Mazi: Ohh, Na prophecy be that, wetin him talk say make dem do

Egbon: The Pastor talk say, God say him dey give Lai Mohammed time make him fit change him wey, or make him dey ready to take anything wey him eyes see

Mazi: Wawu, that one serious o

Fulani Gunmen Abduct Fellow Fulani In Oyo

Egbon: The vision no shock me at all, no be Lai Mohammed alone self, na all the people wey dey this government suppose change their ways

Mazi: Ok now, con check this tory, dem say some Fulani people wey carry gun don collobi Fulani people for Oyo, con ask for 13 million ransom

Egbon: Na wa oh, naso i also read say the people wey Kidnap the Oba for Ekiti don call him family say na 20 million naira dem wan collect

Mazi: This matter wey dey ground like this get as e be o

Secondary Students Caught Smoking Shisha

Pidgin News (246): Pastor See Vision About Lai Mohammed

Egbon: I don talk am, e look like joke, this world don dey near Semi-end, na small time remain

Mazi: Wetin happen again o?

Egbon: Dem say these small small secondary school students dey smoke Shisha for Lagos, the state government con say dem go carry dem go the place where dem go take help dem

Mazi: No be rehabilitation be that?

Egbon: Naso dem call am, e show say things don cast for this country, make i con dey go jare

Mazi: Las las, na each family suppose teach dem children well, we go talk later now

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