Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (244): Lai Mohammed Blames Nigerians

Lai Mohammed Blames Nigerians

Egbon: Na now i just confirm say almost everybody wey dey inside this Buhari government no get shame

Mazi: Shuuu, now which if dem offend you again like this, wetin happen?

Egbon: No be this Lai Mohammed again, if you hear the thing wey him dey talk ontop say Twitter carry dem Headquarters go Ghana o

Mazi: Na because i say i no hear dey make me ask you say wetin him talk, still you still dey talk say if i hear, talk if you wan make i hear now

Egbon: E look like say you never ready to hear wetin him talk, if not you for no dey talk to me anyhow

Mazi: Abeg o, no carry your anger put ontop my head o, na wetin Lai Mohammed talk i ask you, na fight you wan fight

Egbon: Well, make i tell you, him talk say na Naija people fault as Twitter carry dem Headquarters go Ghana, say na Nigerians get the blame

Mazi: Ah (cut in

Egbon: So, you self fit dey surprise, him say na because Naija people bad mouth the country that time wey EndSARS happen no make Twitter come here

Mazi: Hmmmm, well, him get points small

Lai Mohammed Blames Nigerians

Egbon: Which points him get, if to say the government do normal shey EndSARS go happen?

Mazi: Calm down make i yan you wetin dey my mind, at least i get right ontop my opinion

Egbon: Yan make i hear wetin dey inside your mind

Mazi: You remember say that time wey EndSARS happen, na plenty bad bad things people dey talk about Naija

Egbon: No dey carry eye commot for where truth dey, to do business for Naija no be beans, we no get light, even the Tax self na die, where of President go collect treatement?

Update On Buhari’s Medical Trip

Mazi: Everybody know say na London him go and na two weeks him suppose use come back

Egbon: Him don come back, if for say government spend better money ontop Health sector, shey Buhari suppose travel go London

Mazi: i bin think say the two weeks never complete now

Egbon: Which two weeks never complete since wey him commot

 Lai Mohammed Blames Nigerians
President Muhammadu Buhari on his way to London, United Kingdom.

Mazi: See ehn, the thing wey matter pass na say make him come back with better health condition, na prayer we suppose dey pray for am

Egbon: Pele o, prayer warrior, him self know say Naija people no dey happy with how him government dey run this country

Mazi: Talk for yourself, you no fit talk for everybody

Egbon: I no say you go defend am now, the only people wey dey happy with him government na those wey dey see money chop

100,000 Nigerians Flee To Niger

Mazi: Thank God say I no collect money from anybody, i just dey talk my own as e dey my mind ni

Egbon: If true true you like this country you suppose know say things no be as e suppose be, shey you hear say over 100,000 people run commot for Borno state?

Mazi: Ahhh, why dem run commot, wetin happen

Egbon: No be Boko Haram go kill people for one town wey dem dey call Damasak, na so others wey remain run go Niger Republic o

Mazi: This wan serious o, government suppose do something ontop this Boko Haram matter o

Egbon: I bin think say you wan talk say na make we dey pray ni

Mazi: Me i no dey talk wetin no follow, where i suppose talk wetin government no do, i go talk am, and if dem do too i go talk say dem do

The Most Expensive Shoe 

Pidgin News (244): Lai Mohammed Blames Nigerians 1

Egbon: I don hear your own, you get right ontop your opinion

Mazi: Ok, i see something ontop internet today o, dem say e get one shoe webi say na him cost pass for all over the world now

Egbon: Which kind shoe be that one o?

Mazi: I hear say na Kanye West first wear the shoe and now dem wan sale the thing for over $1 million

Egbon: Say wetin now, na him people wan wear go heaven

Mazi: If i get that kind money, na ontop my business i go pour am o, make people wey wan do fashion dey do am

Egbon: Shebi na you, i trust you now, you no dey take your businenss joke, abeg, make i carry my body, we go talk later

Mazi: Oya now, take care

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