Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (243): Nnamdi Kanu Open Governors’ Secret

Nnamdi Kanu

Mazi: True true, problem no dey finish o, na everybody get him own under clothe

Egbon: Oga, no dey bend waka, knack hammer for nail head make i sabi wetin you dey try talk

Mazi: No be this tory wey i hear say EFCC carry Rochas Okorocha, the before before governor for Imo state (cut in..

Egbon: You just dey hear am, that one no dey inside news again now

Mazi: E dey inside news o, dem say EFCC arrest the governor again ontop say him collobi 7.9 billion naira

Egbon: Ohhh, na news true true o, these people just dey collobi Naija people money anyhow and sufferhead dey mama people for this country like say tomorrow no dey

Nnamdi Kanu

Mazi: But no forget say this Okorocha own na still allegation o, court never talk say him collobi the money true true

Egbon: Na so we go dey take Grammar deceive people up and down, no be so i hear say na like 10 before before Naija governor get property wey worth 30 billion naira for UK

Mazi: Ehn ehn, na wa o, we go just dey hear big big money, dem mention the governor name?

Egbon: Dem never mention dem, but the report talk say na 10 dem be

Mazi: I hope say no be that kind report wey talk say Isa Pantami dey do padi padi with Al-Qaeda wey we con later hear say na lie

Sowore In Alleged Financial Scam

Egbon: Well, I no fit answer that question, na ontop Saharareporters i see the report and e possible make the thing be true

Mazi: Ok o, i even hear say Sowore get hand inside wan 419 something like that

Egbon: Which 419 something, wetin him do, him do wayo for anybody?

Mazi: Na one of the people wey dey for him #RevolutionNow movement talk say Sowore take her name apply for one money, say him no tell her about the thing

Egbon: That one get as e be o, how much the money be?

Mazi: The lady no talk the amount self, but e look like say the money big small and Sowore con talk say the allegation na lie

FG Tackles Obaseki

Egbon: No be so federal government too talk say Godwin Obaseki na lie, say dem no print 60 billion naira for March

Mazi: Who talk say dem print money?

Egbon: Na Obaseki now, him talk say money no dey ground, say federal government con print the money share am for state government for March, so the government con talk say na lie

Mazi: So, who con dey talk true, who dey talk lie between the two of dem now, as me and you no dey where dem do the meeting

Nnamdi Kanu Dey Vex

Egbon: Time go reveal the secret, show us who dey lie between dem

Mazi: Ok, you hear the thing wey Nnamdi Kanu talk?

Egbon: I never hear o, na only IPOB i hear wey talk say anybody wey join EbubeAgu go join him ancestors

Mazi: Nnamdi Kanu too don talk, him say the thing wey dey happen for South-East no be insecurity, say na War, con say na the governors for that side dey support the evil thing wey dey happen for that region

Egbon: So, Nnamdi Kanu self no gree say make dem use EbubeAgu be that o

Divorce Invitation

Pidgin News (243): Nnamdi Kanu Open Governors' Secret 1

Mazi: E go be, wait o, wetin i dey see so, Divorce Invitation, i never see this one be for o

Egbon: Divorce abi wedding Invitation, which one, who dey send invitation?

Mazi: No be wedding Invitation o, dem say na Divorce Invitation, say dem wan scatter the wedding, dem even put date and time self

Egbon: Ohhh, dem con print invitation to take invite people make dem con join dem do the seperation?

Mazi: I dey tell you, at least e better pass say make dem kill each other, marriage no be by force

Egbon: Yes o, if the car no gree move again, you suppose come down, make i con dey go jare

Mazi: Ok now, take care

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