Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (242): Census For Sex Workers

Census For Sex Workers

Egbon: Nothing wey person ear no go hear for this Naija, wetin be this wan again now

Mazi: Omini seer, wetin you don see again like this?

Egbon: No be this tory wey i dey read wey talk say Bauchi state government wan do census for sex workers for the state

Mazi: Census for Ashawo, shey no be dem dem dey call sex workers again?

Egbon: You self see why the thing shock me, i no just understand the kind leader wey we get for this country sha

Sex Workers

Mazi: You don read the tory finish?

Egbon: I kuku don read am, the commissioner wey dey in charge of Hisbah for the state talk say dem wan do census for the sex workers so that government go sabi how many dem be

Mazi: Ehn, after dem con sabi how many dem be, wetin goi con happen

Egbon: Say the state government wan try find dem money wey dem fit take do small business wey go make dem get handwork

Census For Sex Workers
Commercial sex workers

Mazi: Hmmm, and that one no be bad move o, at least, if government fit give the sex workers money to take do business, e for good o

Twitter Chooses Ghana Over Nigeria

Egbon: Hiss, which government, how much dem wan give dem, e go pass the 5k, 10k wey dem dey share before anytime wey election dey near

Mazi: You no fit conclude like that, na the state government sabi how dem wan do the thing wey no go allow make sex workers dey for the state again

Egbon: That wan na dream wey no fit come to pass, you know the amount wey those people dey see everyday, how much government wan give dem wey go do dem?

Mazi: At least e show say the state government try, wait fes, i hear say Twitter wan carry dem Headquarters wey go dey Africa put for Ghana, na true?

Egbon: The thing over true self, i hear am too and i hear say Twitter don explain why dem choose Ghana

Mazi: Why now, na Naija dem suppose carry that kind thing come now, at least na we be Giant of Africa

Egbon: Giant of Africa kor, African Giant ni, make dem carry business con the place wey no get light, make dem con take all their profits buy diesel finish, con pack the business run commot later 

Mazi: But why you no dey dey positive self

Egbon: Pele o, positive fm, no be say i no dey positive, the thing be say i no dey deceive myself, to do business for this country no dey sweet people belle

Mazi: At least you fo allow make Twitter talk why dem no come Naija

Egbon: Dem don talk am, dem say na because Ghana allow freedom of speech, say dem no dey take iron hand handle dem citizen wey dey ontop social media

Mazi: Na wa o, so like this like this, Twitter don carry dem Headquaters go Ghana?

Egbon: Yes o, and i sure say plenty people go see work do through that kind move, and na so so rest our Presido dey rest up and down

Kaduna Government Sacks 4,000 Workers

Mazi: Allow make Buhari rest o, body no be firewood, con check this tory wey talk say kaduna government sack 4,000 workers

Egbon: Ahhhh, that wan na wickedness o, why the government go do that kind thing

Mazi: No be wetin you suppose ask be that

Egbon: No be him i ask so, if no be wickedness, wetin dem wan make those people dey chop as the economy squeeze face like this

Mazi: Na sake of say the economy squeeze self make the government sack dem o, the governor talk say money no too dey ground

Egbon: Ehn ehn, so, make those people go find how dem go take survive, and you sure say crime no go plenty for that state with this kind action like this?

Mazi: Say government sack dem no suppose be excuse to go dey do crime, anybody wey do crime go go jail

Domestic Violence Is Evil

Egbon: Tor, i hear your own, but some people third name na wickedness o, see this man wey kill him wife wey get belle for Lagos

Pidgin News (242): Census For Sex Workers 1

Mazi: How the thing take happen

Egbon: Dem say no be today the man don dey beat the woman ontop small misunderstanding, say this time him con beat the woman plus him six month belle so tey, the woman con faint

Mazi: Chai, which kind wickedness be that one

Egbon: Na pure wickedness, him no stop there o, i hear say as the woman faint, some people rush her go hospital, the man con later go the hospital commot the oxygen wey dem dey try take wake the woman, she con Pai

Mazi: Ahhhhhh, this man wicked no be small o, abeg, make i con dey go, this wan weak me

Egbon: Him go learn well for prison, take care jare

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