Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (241): Tinubu Dey Disguise

Tinubu Dey Disguise

Mazi: Hmmm, the way Tinubu dey try gum body with Northern people get as e be o, him just dey try wet ground ontop this 2023 something

Egbon: If na me talk this wan now, you go talk say i dey suspect everything, say i dey read meaning to wetin i no suppose read meaning to

Mazi: No be say i dey read meaning, this wan wey dey ground show say Tinubu dey disguise

Egbon: But wait o, make i even ask you, wetin him do self wey make you talk say him Tinubu dey disguise

Mazi: You never see the bag of rice wey Tinubu photo dey ontop, and na North him go share the rice, you remember say naso him go carry money give people wey their market burn for Katsina the other time

Egbon: Ehn, how that one take mean say Tinubu dey disguise, las las na good mind him get wey make him share rice, even e possible make him wan share the rice sake of Ramadan

Mazi: Laugh, defender of Tinubu, so, na only North Ramadan wan start, wetin him do for Yoruba wey be him people as you talk say na sake of Ramadan?

Tinubu Dey Disguise

Egbon: Wait self, wetin you dey try talk gangan o?

Mazi: If you wan make i talk am as e dey for my mind ehn, Tinubu dey try do all these things sake of say him want make the people for North like him

Egbon: Wetin con be the bad thing inside say make dem like him o

Mazi: Tinubu dey disguise sake of say him wan become Presido for 2023 and him no say the votes wey dey commot for North dey plenty well well

Egbon: You see, na you dey add 1 plus 2 dey make am 12, Tinubu no talk say him wan contest, him never talk

Mazi: Everybody sabi say 1 plus 2 na 3, but, make we siddon dey look how the matter go end

Nigerian Minister Debunks Alleged Link With Al-Qaeda

Egbon: I sha know say nothing bad make person dey do good, con check this tory o

Mazi: I know just understand why some media people no dey investigate tory before dem carry am, con dey spread am up and down

Egbon: Me self see that tory wey talk say Minister for Communications plus Digital Economy, Isa Pantami dey do padi padi with Al-Qaeda plus Boko Haram

Mazi: And now, him don talk say the allegation no get head, say na people wey no like him work dey try bad mouth him

Egbon: I even read am for inside Newspaper say the media company wey start the tory don beg Pantami say make him no vex

Mazi: Why him no go vex, dem wan spoil him name, con dey talk say make him no vex, na why i dey always talk say no be every tory person suppose dey quick believe

Ebube Agu Don Land

Egbon: Even if that tory no correct, one thing wey dey sure na say e get some people wey dey sponsor Boko Haram for this country and las las, God go show dem face

Mazi: Amen, but that one no mean say make media company no do investigation before dem carry tory

Egbon: No be lie, wetin be this thing wey i dey hear for South-East keh

Mazi: Ebube Agu don land for South-East, criminals no go rest again for that side

Egbon: Ehn ehn, so na Ebube Agu go carry pepper put for criminal eyes for that area?

Mazi: Yes o, the South-East Governors don agree say na the security people go make sure say anybody wey get bad mind no stay for the region

Egbon: That one good o, so dem don copy our own Amotekun be that o, copy copy people

Mazi: Na you sabi that one, the thing wey matter pass na say dem wan make sure say Criminal no dey for the place

Egbon: E make sense sha, but na wetin be the meaning of that Ebube Agu self?

Mazi: For Ibo language, e mean fear of Lion

Egbon: Amazing, so, Lion don land, make bad belle people dey run be that o

Cleric Carry Coffin For Head

Pidgin News (241): Tinubu Dey Disguise 1

Mazi: Yes o, bad belle people must go, con see this man o, see as him carry coffin for head for Lagos o

Egbon: Ah ah, wetin happen?

Mazi: Him dey vex say Buhari government no try at all, say Buhari dey make life hard for common man

Egbon: No be lie, na true the man dey yan, even Governor Godwin Obaseki talk am some days ago say things hard for Naija

Mazi: But this man go far o and na Pastor him be o, make i dey go mind my business o

Egbon: Is ok, we go see

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