Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (240): Aisha Buhari Collect Millions

Aisha Buhari

Egbon: Na fe days remain wey i go zero my mind ontop Naija matter, i no wan allow make the thing carry BP give me

Mazi: Laugh, na make you self no carry BP give yourself, wetin happen again like this?

Egbon: Mazi, make we no lie give ourselves ehn, e look like say hope don run commot for Naija

Mazi: As for me o, i still get hope say Naija go dey ok, the only thing be say the things wey dey happen get reason

Egbon: Which reason e get like this, you hear how many millions wey Aisha Buhari collect (cut in…

Mazi: Millions kwa, where she take collect am 

Egbon: No be yesterday she lauch book wey she take use talk about herself, na so Big big people wey dey this country con go o

Mazi: Ehn, that wan no be bad something, anybody wey sabi write fit write book, invite big people make dem con support the book

Aisha Buhari Collect Millions

Egbon: My brother, this wan pass support o, i hear say na 30 million Dangote carry give her, Tinubu give her 20 million, Alakija carry 10 million plus other people wey carry million give Aisha Buhari

Mazi: So, na ontop say dem carry million give her you wan take give yourself BP, na your money dem give her, no be their money?

Egbon: You self imagine the thing wey you dey talk, you no see as people dey suffer for this country, light no dey, job no dey, ordinary clean water self no dey

Tinubu Commits Blunder Again

Mazi: No be say i no get your point o, but las las, na their money, i hear say Tinubu looseguard again for where dem go lauch the Aisha Buhari book, how the thing take happen

Egbon: I kukuma hear am too, dem say him call dolapo Osinbajo webi wife for Vice Presido as the wife for Presido

Mazi: Kai, and na that man wan con rule this country for 2023 like this

Egbon: If na that one, e no matter, anybody fit make mistake, and the mistake self na small something

Pidgin News (240): Aisha Buhari Collect Millions
Bola Tinubu during the launching ceremony of a Book about Aisha Buhari.

Mazi: Ohhh, so, you don dey try support Tinubu sake of say na from South-west him bin come from

Egbon: No be so, i just dey try tell you say nobody wise pass mistake and that one no mean say him Brain no dey work well, las las, na make Naija better we want

Mazi: If you like support tinubu, my own be say time don reach wey igbo go rule this country, Presidency no be for only Hausa and Yoruba dem

Kidnappers Abduct Monarch In Imo

Egbon: E no matter, anybody fit contest, the koko na say make e be person wey go do well

Mazi: So, na now you sabi say e no matter, na Igbo Presido we want, we self get person wey fit do am well

Egbon: But wait o, wetin dey happen for Imo these days self, kidnappers don carry Traditional ruler plus some Chiefs for the state o

Mazi: Ah, when dem still dey try find those criminals wey run commot for the prison wey dey the state, this wan serious o

Egbon: Hmmmm, I no just understand why government still dey think say this matter na joke

Suspected Criminals Sells Human Heart For 10,000

Mazi: The matter wey dey ground like this don pass joke o, government suppose do something, na everyday we dey hear say dem colobi people, now, na Traditional ruler dem con dey collobi join

Egbon: O lagbara o, very unfortunate situation

Mazi: Come come o, come check this Headline

Egbon: Ahhhhh, these people no get conscience o, dem sale human being heart for N10,000.

Mazi: Kai, wickedness just full everywhere, people no dey fear God again, all ontop say dem wan get money sharp sharp

Egbon: But, make we no lie, many of these Pastors, Imam, Alpa plus other people wey dey take God work cover face self dey follow dem do this thing, imagine the thing wey this Alpa do like this

Mazi: The tory talk say na him carry the heart sale for 10,000 and him know say na ritual the person wan take am do, make i con dey go my shop

Egbon: No wahala, this world just full of plenty wickedness sha

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