Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (239): Who Kill President Buhari Driver?

President Buhari Driver

Mazi: E get something wey never clear ontop this attack wey happen for Imo state o

Egbon: Which wan no clear, dem say people wey carry gun go attack prison plus police station, wetin you no con understand again?

Mazi: The before before IGP, Adamu talk say na IPOB people do the thing, the state governor talk say no be so

Egbon: Hmm, so, Governor Hope Uzodinma sabi the people wey dey behind the attack wey happen for the state

Mazi: Na why the thing dey surprise me be this o, the governor talk say na some politicians wey get bad mind carry people enter the state to cause kasala

Egbon: Eleyi gidigan o, him dey try talk say the matter get politics inside be that o

Mazi: Na so him talk am o, but, him con add say security people go carry torch torchlight the matter well

Egbon: Hmmmm, Naija my country, dem wan set up committee be that o, las las we no go con hear anything again and i even read one tory wey talk say those people go attack another police station for the state

Mazi: Imagine, e even get one tory wey talk say DSS don warn the Imo state government say some bad belle people wan attack the state

Egbon: And the government no fit do anything be for now, na even that DSS wey you mention remind me o

President Buhari Driver

Mazi: You wan go give dem information?

Egbon: Information kwa, i resemble Minister of Information for your eye, so, you never hear say President Buhari Driver pai?

Pidgin News (239): Who Kill President Buhari Driver?
President Buhari Driver, Sa’idu Afaka.

Mazi: I hear am, how that one con take concern DSS?

Egbon: Some people carry rumour say na the punishment wey DSS punish the man make am pai

Mazi: Ehn ehn, na wetin DSS con talk?

Egbon: Dem talk say President Buhari driver no even come their office before him pai, say dem no sabi wetin kill am

Hijab For Female Military Personnel

Mazi: Na wa o, so the man go just pai like that, i pray make him soul rest well sha, you don hear the thing wey House of Reps people dey talk?

Egbon: Hiss, i no too dey listen to those people again jare, dem just dey do like boy boy for Buhari government, wetin dem talk again

Mazi: Na one lawmaker carry suggestion come say make female soldier plus other security people wey be female dey wear Hijab

Egbon: Hijab keh, you see why i talk say i no dey take these people seriously again, shey na wetin we need be this

Mazi: I even read am for news say the matter don reach second reading self, i con dey wonder whether dem no dey hear how kidnappers dey carry people for this country

Man Sets Former Wife, 2 Kids Ablaze In Ibadan

Egbon: Na the sign say dem no show concern be that, people dey die, bandits dey kill, some people dey call say make Naija break up, still na Hijab matter dem like to dey talk

Mazi: Na wa oh, normal normal, na the lawmakers suppose dey call the federal government to order o, now, everything just look one kind

Egbon: Wait o, Mazi, things dey occur for this country o, kai

Mazi: Wetin dey play again, i hope say no be something wey no sweet for hear o

Egbon: My brother, this one no sweet for ear, in fact e no sweet for nose plus eyes self, na bad day devil drink water

Mazi: Shuuu, yan make i hear

Egbon: Dem say one man for Ibadan burn him before before wife plus their two pikin ontop say the woman say she no dey do again

Mazi: Ah, as country be like this, some people still dey kill ontop love matter, this wan no sweet for ear at all o, make i con dey waka

Egbon: Na make God dey safe man pikin o, we go see later now

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