Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (238): Kanu Attacks Aliko Dangote

Kanu Attacks Aliko Dangote

Egbon: I know for sure say meself go get money for this life wey i come (cut in..

Mazi: To get money no be mouth o, anybody wey wan get money go hustle well well

Egbon: No be you go tell me that one, i know say to get money no be by to dey talk or pray alone

Mazi: La yan, this wan wey be say na money matter you take welcome me, alert don enter?

Egbon: No be say alert don enter o, i just dey check this list wey Forbes announce ni jor

Mazi: Ehn ehn, wetin dey inside the list?

Egbon: Forbes say Jeff Bezos na the number 1 Billionaire worldwide, dem talk say him get $177 billionaire, dollars o, chai

Mazi: No allow your BP to dey go up o, remember say no be one day him gather the money, everything for this life na turn by turn

Egbon: I pray make e reach my turn quick o, imagine, na only Aliko Dangote be the Nigerian wey dey among the first 200 Billionaires for this world

Mazi: So, Otedola, Alakija dem no dey the list?

Egbon: Dem no dey o, even self na American plenty pass for the list

Aliko Dangote

Mazi: But, wetin Aliko Dangote dey do wey other business people no do webi say na him be the only Nigerian among 200 Billionaires

Kanu Attacks Aliko Dangote
Billionaires on Forbes’ list

Egbon: My brother, the thing dey wonder me self o, him money no be here, according to the thing wey Forbes talk, na 11.5 Billion dollars him get

Mazi: No wonder why Nnamdi Kanu talk say na 419 aliko Dangote be

Egbon: Ahhhh, how him take be 419, the Forbes talk say na through cement , sugar plus other things wey him dey produce him take dey make him money

Mazi: Kanu no gree o, him talk say Aliko Dangote bin dey sale cement for 1,150 for Zambia, but dey sale am for around 3 to 5,000 for Nigeria

Egbon: Ohhh, na why him be 419 be that?

Mazi: You self check the thing well now, fine, no be say him no dey try support Naija economy o, but e look like say him dey scam Naija people

Egbon: Hmmmm, i remember say America government don talk one time like that say e get how aliko Dangote dey bite and dey fan Naija people, say him dey use one hand give something, dey take another hand collect am back

Mazi: And some people still dey beleive say fuel go cheap if him finish him refinery, anyways, we go see how the matter go be

The New Acting IGP

Egbon: Yes o, na eye wey get patience fit see Nose, but Mazi, e look like say all these Cabal people don resume work for Aso Rock o

Mazi: Dem get off before, but why you talk say dem don resume work

Egbon: You no see as dem take disgrace the before before Oga for ekelebe, Mohammed Adamu, commot am fiaaam

Mazi: Hmmm, e chock me o and i sure say the thing go shock am self cuz i hear say na Imo state him dey that time wey news break say Buhari don appoint new acting Oga for ekelebe, Alkali Baba

Egbon: You see why i talk say Carbal don resume work so, Buhari wey no fit commot the Oga for ekelebe when him dey Naija con commot am from UK,where him go collet treatment

Mazi: Laugh…, na everything you dey read meaning to, e no mean say carbal don resume work, las las na Osinbajo decorate the new IGP 

Egbon: Forget that thing, say him decorate new IGP no mean say na Buhari appoint am, e fit be those carbal people

Man Cut Off Him GrandMama Head

Mazi: Well, the thing wey matter pass na say Naija don get new IGP, ahhh, con check this tory o, kai, people too wicked for this life

Egbon: Wetin happen again?

Mazi: Dem say one 20 year old man cut him grandmama head for kenya, con carry the head go police station for that side

Pidgin News (238): Kanu Attacks Aliko Dangote 1
Scene of where a 20-year-old man chopped off his Grandmother’s head in Kenya.

Egbon: Ahhhhh, which kind thing be this, you sure say this world no go soon end like this?

Mazi: All these things wey dey happen na sign say the world don dey plan to end o, make i go make some meoney before e end sha

Egbon: Everytime, na money, money, e possible make you don find money go self the time wey the world go end

Mazi: Na your cup of tea be that o, i don go

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