Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (232): BBNaija 2021 Form For Sale

Egbon: E look like say meself no go carry las for this BBNaija 2021 o, i don dey hear rumour ontop the show now

Mazi: Ah, I bin think say your age don pass the kind people wey fit go the show

Egbon: My brother, nothing spoil if i still try my luck o sake of say the kind money wey dem wan put ontop this BBnaija 2021 tear mouth o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, e no bad make person try him luck, but na how much dem carry put ontop the show for this year?

Egbon: Mazi, the money heavy for mouth o, infact, e heavy for ear self

Mazi: My own be say, no matter how e heavy reach, e go get the amount and how person go take pronounce am

Egbon: Hmmm, i hear say na 90 Million naira the winner for this BBNaija 2021 go carry go house o (cut in..

Mazi: Ahhhhhh, true true, that money plenty for ear o, wait fes, where person fit buy BBNaija 2021 form for self

BBNaija 2021

Egbon: Which form be that, no be you talk say my age don pass the kind people wey fit go for the show, your own age never pass?

Mazi: My brother, nothing spoil if me self try my luck o, you no see as people dey take the show do better something, see as Laycon con popular

Egbon: Well, me i no sabi where dem dey sale form o, but las las, i go find way to see how me self fit enter that place

Mazi: Abeg, no forget me o, if you hear say dem don start to dey sale the form, no forget to carry me join body o

Pidgin News (232): Bbnaija 2021 Form For Sale
BBNaija 2021 Form For Sale

Water Scarcity Hits Abuja

Egbon: We gather dey, i no fit forget you, las las na to gather blow sure pass, sake of say nothing sweet like say make me and my friend gather reach the top

Mazi: Forget that blow something, na that 90 million naira dey my mind, but wait o, dem say some people dey buy 25 litres of water for 250 naira for Abuja here

Egbon: Kilode, buy 1 gallon of water for 250 naira, wetin happen, water no dey town again?

Mazi: Na the same way wey the thing take shock you e dey pepper me for body self, dem say na sake of say water scarce

Egbon: Water scarce for FCT, but na which area gangan the thing dey happen for this Abuja?

Mazi: I hear say the thing happen for Kubwa, Bwari, Dede, Dutse, Kaigini plus some other area like that

Egbon: Na wa o, for 2021, make people still dey suffer ontop water for this country, na wetin con be the thing wey naija people dey enjoy self

Obasanjo Supports Yahaya Bello

Mazi: Na make God help man pikin o, con check this headline o, dem talk say Obasanjo dey support say make Yahaya Bello become Presido for 2023

Egbon: Open the tory fes make you check if na the same Obasanjo wey me and you know

Mazi: Na him e go be now, but make i open the tory fes…. Ohh, no be Olusegun Obasanjo o

Egbon: I talk am, which obasanjo dey talk say make Bello con become Presido for this country?

Mazi: Him name na Olujonwo Obasanjo, dem say na him be the Pikin of before before presido, Obasanjo

Egbon: I for surprise, but still self, i no go dey suprise if Obasanjo himself support am, sake of say e get one time wey News carry am say the two of dem go do meeting

Man Arrested For Stealing Police Motorcycle

Mazi: The 2023 election go sweet well, my own be say make naija people no sale their votes ontop say dem wan collect rice or chicken change

Egbon: You talk am well o, but Mazi, this life no balance at all o, see this man wey ekelebe arrest for lagos

Mazi: Na wetin be him crime?

Egbon: Dem talk say him dey ride Motocycle wey some people thief for police station during that time wey EndSARS matter dey ground

Pidgin News (232): Bbnaija 2021 Form For Sale 1

Mazi: Laugh, i no pity am o, na the thing wey him chop belleful am, na why e no go make person dey buy something wey him no sabi how e be be that

Egbon: No be lie o, e possible make e be say no be him thief am o, maybe na buy him buy am, con put am for gbege like this

Mazi: Yes o, e dey ok make person dey shine eye well well, we go talk later

Egbon: Ok now

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