Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (226): Mr Transparency Don Die

Mr Transparency

Egbon: Mazi, this one wey you no come out on time today, na wetin happen?

Mazi: My brother, I say make I go gym today o

Egbon: Ah ah, you don register for gym classes?

Mazi: E be like o because I won keep fit, especially for my belle side, I want make the thing flat

Egbon: Laughs… Mazi the body fit man… E be like say me self go soon join you for that gym to keep fit

Mazi: E go make sense like that I, wait fess, You don hear say another public figure don pai?

Egbon: Ah, which public figure pai again

Mazi: No be where I go gym I dey hear dem dey talk say Mr Transparency Don Die for Naija, I con reason am say na one public figure him go be, you sabi man

Egbon: Ohh, Mr Transparency no be public figure, people just dey try talk say truth don travel commot for Naija be that and dem no lie

Mazi: No be small thing happen o! The thing almost cause fight for gym centre today

Egbon: I never still understand wetin you dey talk about. Na wetin almost cause casala for gym centre today?

Mazi: Say our government officials no dey talk true again

Egbon: No be lie now, you no see as EFCC, ICPC just dey arrest public figures dey go

Mazi: I just dey hear transparency this, transparency that (cut in…)

Egbon: So wetin you hear them dey talk about?

Mazi: E be like say them dey talk about some of our leaders wey no dey transparent and the need for them to dey accountable

Egbon: Mazi, no be lie them talk o, Naija no fit better if Transparency no dey o

Mazi: Wetin you mean by that?

Egbon: You no dey see wetin dey happen for the country? Abi na which one you want me to mention? Shey na the NDDC matter wey them call some people to come give account and them begin to faint? You don hear anything about the matter since then? Or shey na the one of the the end sars lekki toll gate matter wey we no know who dey talk true and who dey lie? Abi na the billions of naira donated for covid 19 relief wey we no understand how them take spend am, Joor Mazi, no let me mention too much, you check am yourself!

Mr Transparency

Mazi: Egbon no lie you talk, we really need to wake up for this country and start to dey hold our leaders accountable.

Egbon: The one wey dey pain me pass for this matter be say we ourselves get our own for body! Na we go complain about some of these corrupt and incompetent leaders, na we go still vote them in during election for chicken change.

Mazi: Gbam! You talk true but things cannot continue this way if we really want to move forward in this country.

Egbon: Exactly, we must learn to take our destiny into our hands by voting out the wrong people and voting in the right people

Mazi: Seriously o, because nowadays na different tory we dey hear for news


Egbon: Imagine how fuel price jump to 212 naira! Till today we still dey on top that matter to see whether the thing go fit reduce.

Mazi: Na really still dey on top the matter (cut in…)

Egbon: As if that one no dey enough, I even read for one news like that wey talk say naija debt don rise to 32.9 trillion naira

Mazi: Eh en, biko make the thing no rise because I dey hate to hear anything call debt! At least make person dey hear increase in foreign reserves, returns and foreign investment in the country

Egbon: Mazi, make we no deceive ourselves, we get our own role to play for certain things to dey kajad! Of recent, I even read for news say nigeria’s inflation rate hit 17.33% highest in 4 years.

Mazi: Hey, na where we dey head to biko kwa?

Egbon: That one na small something na! Abi you go say you never hear of the faceoff between banks and telecom companies wey CBN don give directive of #6.98 charges per transaction?

Mazi: Ah ah, na wetin that one come mean na? So na we consumers go come dey bear the brunt abi? Make them do something about it and resolve the matter in the amicable. We no go go cashless, come go money less!

Egbon: You talk am finish! My joy be say some of our key personalities like Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Wizkid, Bouna boy, and the likes dey make us proud globally.

Mazi: Abi, Egbon make I come dey go, I get appointment to catch, we go see later

Egbon: It’s ok, take care!

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