Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (223): African Giant Sure Pass Giant Of Africa

African Giant

Mazi: This bandits no even get shame again, everyday na so so dem matter dey enter News

Egbon: Na wa for you o, better tory dey ground, you dey talk about bandits, you see those people ehn, government never ready (cut in..

Mazi: Which better tory dey ground, you no hear say bandits go collobi some primary school students for Kaduna ?

Egbon: My brother, if Naija government dey ready, dem go take Action, no be today i don dey talk am, the better tory wey dey ground na this African Giant matter o

Mazi: African Giant abi Giant of Africa, why you dey mix am, if na me do that mistake now, you for don dey talk o

Egbon: Which mistake, why i no go sabi the difference between African Giant and Giant of Africa

Mazi: Ohh, maybe e get wetin you sabi wey i no know, which one be African Giant?

Egbon: So, you wan tell me say you no sabi Burna Boy

Mazi: Who no go sabi Burna Boy, no be that popular singer

African Giant

Egbon: E mean say you no sabi him well, if to say you sabi him well you go know say na him be the African Giant

Mazi: Ehn ehn, so, how African Giant matter take enter this tory now

Egbon: Him matter don enter News sake of say him win Grammy Award and for my mind o, African Giant sure pass Giant of Africa

African Giant Sure Pass Giant Of Africa
Nigerian Singer, Burna Boy, also known as African Giant won Grammy.

Mazi: Sure kwa, how him take sure o?

Egbon: If you see as plenty people dey hail him all over the world, you go understand the thing wey i dey talk, even federal government don congratulate am

Mazi: Tor, me self congratulate am o because me too like better thing, now wey we don talk that wan, we go fit talk wetin dey play for Naija?

ASUU And Strike Na 5 And 6

Egbon: Everything wey dey play no make sense, na why i no wan bother to talk about Naija matter be that

Mazi: We no get option, we go dey talk am till the thing better, i hear say ASUU dey talk say e possible make dem go strike again

Egbon: You see, you self imagine that kind thing, no be some weeks ago dem cancel the strike wey nearly reach year

Mazi: Me self dey try think the matter o, i con dey wonder why dem wan do another strike again

Egbon: Na long throat dey do dem, and las las, all the strike no be say dem get students interest for mind o, dem go just dey waste students time ontop nothing

Mazi: Everything just look wan kind

Gun License For Nigerians

Egbon: Why e no go look wan kind, when government no gree do normal nko, suffer head just dey mama people dey go

Mazi: I hope say government go do something soon o

Egbon: Soon kor, sunene ni, since all these years, no be so so soon soon we dey talk, i even hear say House of Reps people dey talk about Bill wey go allow make Naija people carry gun

Mazi: Carry gun kwa, we dey go war, that one no go folllow o ?

Egbon: Why the thing shock you, no be me and you gather see am for inside Newspaper when Minister of Defence bin talk say make everybody dey defence themselves

Mazi: If everybody con dey carry gun gum body no be kasala be that

Woman Breastfeeds snake

Egbon: For me o, na that gun license go make sense pass o, no be say make some people dey carry gun kill another man wey no carry gun

Mazi: Come come o, see this woman wey dey put her Bobi for snake mouth

Egbon: Shuuu, shey no be say this world wan end like this, abi which kind thing be this one, abeg, where the thing happen self

Mazi: I hear say na Zimbabawe e take happen o

Egbon: Tor, make everybody dey prepare their mind, world go soon end, make i con dey move jare

Mazi: We go talk later now

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