Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (217): Nnamdi Kanu Na Prophet

Nnamdi Kanu Na Prophet

Egbon: I like this News o, Chai, e look like say EFCC don wake up again

Mazi: Wake up kwa, no be who sleep dey wake up, EFCC bin dey sleep before?

Egbon: Ah, so you no see say EFCC dey sleep since, na now e look like say dem wan dey do wetin dem suppose do

Mazi: But wait o, why you talk say EFCC don dey wake up?

Egbon: Better question, make i give you better answer, i hear say the agency wan continue to dey torchlight Tinubu matter

Mazi: Ehn ehn, e look like say this gist go sweet for ear o, why dem wan torchlight him matter self

Egbon: According to the news wey i read, dem talk say Tinubu no waka straight on top the property wey him get when him bin governor

Mazi: Ohh, i don remember, say him no talk true ontop the things wey him get, but i bin dey think say dem don carry eye commot for the matter o

Egbon: Na why i talk am say EFCC don dey wake up be that, before before, e look like say na PDP politicians plus Yahoo yahoo boys the EFCC dey arrest

Nnamdi Kanu Na Prophet

Mazi: Make we wait see how the film go finish, but shey you know say Nnamdi Kanu Na prophet, that man dey see things

Egbon: Which Nnamdi Kanu o?

Mazi: The Kanu wey dey cal for Biafra now, you know why i talk say him be prophet

Egbon: I no know o, abeg yan me, why you talk say na prophet him be, him see vision for you?

Mazi: No be me him see prophet for o, i just dey reason the different different things wey that man don talk ontop Naija, e look like say the things don dey happen

Egbon: Hmm, and you sure say no be say the thing just happen by accident

Mazi: This wan no be accident o, make i give you one example

Egbon: Ok, i dey hear you, i wan know why you call that man prophet

Mazi: E get one time like that when him talk say government hand dey inside how some people dey Bomb, kill and kidnap people 

Egbon: How that one con mean say him be prophet?

Mazi: I see one video where Fulani Herdsman talk say some people wey dey government dey support dem

Egbon: Na wa o, e possible make true dey inside that talk o, i don dey talk am say government no dey talk true, 

Mazi: You no even see as some Governors dey talk like say dem dey support bandits

Nnamdi Kanu Na Prophet
Nnamdi Kanu

Food Blockade

Egbon: Abi now, instead make dem join mouth talk say na bad thing the people dey do, dem dey defend dem

Mazi: And Gumi self dey talk say dem no be criminal, but wait o, those people wey dey sale foodstuff for North never carry their food go South-west?

Egbon: Dem no gree carry food enter south west o, one of dem even talk say e pay dem make the food rotten pass make dem carry am go south west

Mazi: Na wa o, but e no suppose be now, wetin con be the meaning of the one Nigeria wey we dey shout up and down

Egbon: Shebi i don talk am say make we no dey deceive ourselve ontop this one Nigeria something

Upcoming Bobrisky Are Risky

Mazi: But wait o, i no wan understand this Bobrisky matter again o, kai poverty na bastard

Egbon: Wetin him do again?

Mazi: No be this old woman wey dey beg Bobrisky say make him carry money give her pikin sake of say him draw Bobrisky Tattoo for body

Egbon: Kai, poverty no be better something o, so that woman dey support make her pikin draw Bobrisky Tattoo for body

Mazi: E never finish o, even if you see as the Boy dey do like say him don do apprentice for Bobrisky hand, you go dey surprise

Egbon: Oga o, these upcoming Bobrisky people go dey risky pass Bob himself abi na herself i go use 

Mazi: My own na say, make poverty no reach our side o, na hustle sure pass, we go talk later now

Egbon: Ok, take care

Nnamdi Kanu
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