Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (214): Tattoo Cause Kasala

Tattoo Cause Kasala

Mazi: Give Youth chance, allow make Youth rule, dem don give youth chance o, make we wait see wetin the youth go do

Egbon: Which youth dem give chance make him rule, abi wetin you dey talk self

Mazi: Coolu temper, this new EFCC Chairman, Abdulrasheed Bawa no be youth, shebi i hear say him na 40 years

Egbon: Oh, i no know say na the thing wey you dey talk be that, na better something say dem appoint am but e get somenthing wey dey bother my mind o

Mazi: Wetin dey worry this your mind self, na everytime something dey bother your mind?

Egbon: Abeg abeg, na me get mind and nothing do my mind, the thing wey dey give me concern na say this Bawa and Abubakar Malami come from the same state

Bye Bye To Cow Meat

Mazi: Ah, how that one con be bad thing, na state we wan chop abi make the new EFCC oga do him job well

Egbon: You wan tell me say you no hear say Malami get hand inside how dem take commot Ibrahim Magu

Mazi: Leave matter for matters, the koko na say make Bawa do him job well, wait o, na everyday this Sheik Gumi wan dey enter News

Dont Call Bandits Criminals- Sheik Gumi

Egbon: Him don talk another thing?

Mazi: Him don talk o and this wan wey him talk no follow at all, how him go talk this kind thing

Egbon: Wetin him talk, because nothing wey him wan talk wey wan shock me

Mazi: I no expect say him fit talk this kind thing o, Gumi talk say make Journalists no dey call bandits criminal again, say the thing fit vex dem

Egbon: Hmmm, imagine, na talk be that one, but dem fit call IPOB terrorist group o

Mazi: I no just understand the thing wey him dey try talk, whether na to dey call the bandits honourable members

Egbon: Abi o, or make we dey call dem your excellency, instead make him talk matter as e be, him dey yan Apata

Cattle Dealers Embarks On Strike

Mazi: Abeg, open another page for inside the Newspaper make we check another tory, this Gumi talk no follow

Egbon: Clap, na wa o, na everybody wan go strike, ASUU go go for strike, people wey dey sale Cow self wan follow do strike

Mazi: Wait o, i no understand wetin you mean o (cut in

Egbon: Con carry your eye look am, for inside the tory, dem talk say Cow dealers wan go for strike sake of say federal government no do wetin dem want

Mazi: Ehn ehn, abeg, na wetin be the thing wey dem bin dey ask for

Egbon: Dem talk say make government carry N475 billion give dem sake of say dem loss money for inside the kasala wey happen for Sasa market plus EndSARS protest wey happen that time

Mazi: Nothing wey Musa no go see for gate, make we kukuma say bye bye to cow meet

Egbon: Abi o, make everybody go dey chop fish, no be by force to chop cow meat

Tattoo Cause Kasala
Tattoo Cause Kasala between Bobrisky and Nkechi Blessing.

Tattoo Cause Kasala

Mazi: Wait o, Tattoo don Cause Kasala o

Egbon: Na who and who dey fight ontop tattoo, abi how Tattoo take Cause Kasala

Mazi: Na Bobrisky and this Nollywood Actress, Nkechi Blessing, dem just dey drag themselve like rope ontop tattoo matter

Egbon: Na wa o, everybody wan dey inside news, how the matter take happen self

Mazi: Dem talk say one lady go tattoo Nkechi Blessing name for her body, the actress con talk say make the lady no expect any money o

Egbon: Ok, that one no suppose cause fight now

Mazi: E never finish, na so Bobrisky con carry advise give him fans say make dem dey careful the person wey dem go take do tattoo, say no be every celebrity get money

Egbon: Eh ehn, the matter na season film o

Mazi: E long no be small, i just dey try cut am short, las las, Nkechi con drag Bobrisky online say him dey yan dust, na so the thing sha turn yam pepper scatter scatter o

Egbon: Hmm, o lagabara, but my own gangan na say wetin these people wey dey do celebrity tatto for dem body dey gain

Mazi: Shuu, you never hear say Bobrisky don dey cary money give people wey draw him name or photo for body

Egbon: Kai, poverty no be better something o, if no be say hunger dey town, shey this kind thing go turn normal thing

Mazi: My brother na their hustle be that, make i go face my hustle too as i no fit draw celebrity tattoo for my body, make i go face my business, we go talk later

Egbon: Tor, make me self con dey go, take care

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