Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (208): Bad Market For Bobrisky And Co.

Bad Market For Bobrisky

Mazi: Nna ehn, i no con understand the thing wey dey happen for this Naija again o

Egbon: Na today i don dey talk am, no be since i don dey talk say Naija matter get K-leg

Mazi: Kai, na which day Naija people dey shout ontop say bandits carry students for Kankara, Katsina state (cut in..

Egbon: Na last year, e never too tey like that

Mazi: Now another one don happen o, bandits wey carry big big weapon don go kidnap another students for Kagara, Niger state, dem even Pai one student 

Egbon: Hmm, this matter don red like this o, e be like say these people wey dey kidnap don turn am to business o

Mazi: Na wa, dem con dey play this dangerous game with innocent people life

Senate Wants Buhari To Declare State Of Emergency

Egbon: I con later hear say Buhari don talk say make security people go the place where dem kidnap the students, na so so talk talk him go dey talk

Mazi: If government fit call IPOB terrorist group, i no understand why dem no fit call these bandits terrorists too

Egbon: My brother, no wonder too far, we sabi how the game dey be, i even see one tory where Senate talk say make Buhari declare State of Emergency ontop security

Mazi: E reach make him declare am o, as the matter dey go like this, government no suppose sleep ontop bicycle

Bad Market For Bobrisky

Egbon: Mazi, con hear something o, wahala don enter trouser for Bobrisky and him other group members o

Bad Market For Bobrisky And Co.
Bleaching cream.

Mazi: Wetin him do again, the boy too like to dey dey inside news

Egbon: This time, no be say him decide say him wan dey inside news o, na news carry him matter, Senate don talk something wey concern am

Mazi: Oh, wetin Senate talk wey concern bobrisky?

Egbon: No be Bobrisky alone o, senate don talk say make NAFDAC no siddon look ontop how different different company dey mix cream wey people dey take bleach

Mazi: Gbam, e reach make dem talk am, na better talk, e no even get stone inside, Bad Market For Bobrisky

Egbon: Na Senator Remi Tinubu carry the suggestion give Senate say time don reach make dem take better eye torchlight the plenty plenty bleaching cream wey people dey use

Mazi: Me i support that kind motion o, na Motion wey make sense, e con look like say anybody wey no bleach no sabi wetin dey town

Tattoo Geng

Egbon: I no understand why person no go dey proud of him skin colour, na so some people go dey do different different surgery, sake of say dem wan fine

Mazi: Na person wey get time dey bleach skin, as for me o, na money be my yellow skin, wait o, this Tatoo something don dey go round o

Egbon: Hiss, no mind dem, na that kind thing some people sabi do, shey you don see another wan

Mazi: Con see this lady wey carry Burna Boy tatoo put for her body, na the other day we see grils wey do Naira Marley, Bobrisky own for body

Egbon: E even get one wey draw Davido plus him 3 pikin for her body

Mazi: Harant Nonsense, where Oyinbo people dey think how dem go take do better something

Egbon: Abi o, i hear say Jeff Bezos don collect phim position back from Elon musk hand

Mazi: Hmm, harthis people no sleep at all o, Bezos no even allow p smake Elon musk enjoy the title small, sharp sharp him don trun rechest man for the world again

Egbon: My brother, we go talk later, make me self go hustle

Mazi: Na so the matter be o, we go talk later

Muhammadu Buhari

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