Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (206): Valentine’s Day Palava

Valentine’s Day Palava

Mazi: Laugh.., ah, no be small something o, naa this valentine’s day I take support that man wey talk say Lie lie lover full everywhere

Egbon: Ehn ehn, anybody lie give you during the valentine day, abi how you take confirm the matter?

Mazi: Nobody lie give me o, as i no get any woman apart from Mama Ebuka

Egbon: Weldone the faithful husband, naso e suppose be, but na how you take confirm that lie lie lover, anything happen on valentine’s day?

Mazi: Hmmm, na the plenty plenty things wey i see ontop internet ontop valentine’s Day o, where some people dey deny their lover

Egbon: Laugh, me self see some video o, e even get one wey i see where the lady no gree collect ring from her boyfriend wey propose give her

Tonto Dikeh and Her Ex-Husband

Mazi: I no just understand why love matter con turn upside down like this, to con see true love con scarce like gold, maka why?

Egbon: Na the thing wey money dey cause be that, and sometimes self, naa greed dey make some people date this one, dey lie for that one

Mazi: No be lie, but wait o, i see something ontop internet wey talk say before before Tonto Dikeh husband, Churchill marry the lady wey call am brother sometimes ago

Valentine'S Day Palava
Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill and his new wife and actress, Rosy Meurer

Egbon: Me self see the gist o, dem even talk say e don reach like two years wey dem don dey do husband and wife

Mazi: Na wa o, na why some people dey use the slang, fear women be this o, and that time like this the lady deny say she no date the man o

Egbon: My brother, naso life be o, plenty things dey occur for inside life o

Lekki Toll Gate Palava

Mazi: I fear person wey no fear woman o, anyway sha, i trust Mama Ebuka, na better wife she be

Egbon: Congratulations, Baba Ebuka wey marry mama Ebuka wey con be better wife

Mazi: Na me be that o, wait o, wetin be the latest ontop this Lekki Toll Gate palava

Egbon: Newspaper carry am say dem arrest some of the people wey go do protest including Mr Macaroni, wey be popular comedian

Mazi: I hear the gist, i even hear say na push dem push the black Maria wey dem take carry dem commot the Toll Gate side

Egbon: Laugh…, i no fit laugh jare, the latest wey i con hear now na say the Oga for the ekelebe dem for Lagos talk say the ekelebe people go still remain put for the Toll Gate

Mazi: Dem no wan commot there again

Buhari Is Not A Showman

Egbon: Las las, dem go commot, the thing wey dey pain me na say small time now, everybody go forget the people wey die for the Toll Gate

Mazi: Make we still dey hope say that Judicial panel no go commot eye for the matter

Egbon: You don hear the thing wey Garba Shehu talk when dem ask am say why Buhari no dey show action?

Mazi: I never hear am o, wetin him talk

Egbon: Him talk say Buhari no too like plenty talk say him no like to dey do shanga

Mazi: Me self no too like make person dey do yanga, no be better something

Egbon: Abeg abeg, who talk say make him do shanga, no be him be number one citizen for the country, as Herdsmen dey kill different people, shey him no suppose talk?

Mazi: True true, him suppose show action wey go fit settle the matter, but as the matter be like this, e look like say na him style be that

Egbon: As this thing dey go like this, e no suppose be say na him style, him suppose fit talk or take action when people need am 

Mazi: No be lie, but this one wey you con face me like this, i dey him cabinet?

Egbon: No be you dey defend am, anyways, make i dey go jare

Mazi: I no defend am o, wetin i wan gain if i dey defend am, take care sha

Mr Macaroni

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