Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (201): Okonjo Iweala No Get Enemy

Okonjo Iweala

Egbon: (Song), water e no get enemy, omi o lota o, water e no get enemy (cut in..

Mazi: Egbon Fela Kuti, this wan wey you dey sing Fela song like this, wetin happen o?

Egbon: Laugh, you no say if e no get reason, i no go sing that song, e get why and the why na sake of Ngozi Okonjo Iwela

Mazi: Ehn ehn, wetin happen to that better woman, i hope say no be say wicked people do her anything

Egbon: Dem no do her anything, the reason why i dey sing that song na because sign don dey show say na she go become Director-General for the agency wey dey torchlight trade matter World wide

Mazi: That one naa better news o, but where you see that sign wey you dey talk about ?

Okonjo Iweala

Egbon: Emi current affairs, you suppose no say my news na confrim, i hear say that South Korea woman wey be Okonjo Iweala rival don talk say she no dey contest again

Mazi: Ohhhh, (song), winner o oo, winner, winner ooo, winner, Okonjo Iweala you don win o winner, patapata you go win forever, winner

Egbon: Choir master wait o, dem never announce say she win o, na only sign i see say she go win o

Mazi: My brother, na same thing, i pray say make she win o, make my business fit benefit

Buhari’s Son Inlaw

Egbon: Everything na you, you plus your business, you no fit talk say make Naija fit benefit

Mazi: Na the same thing, if i benefit, Naija don benefit be that, sake of say me self dey pay Tax, con check this tory

Egbon: Wetin dey inside, no be Buhari son inlaw be this?

Mazi: Na him, for inside the tory, dem say him go collect vaccine for Dubai, some people con dey abuse am say him suppose con take am for Naija

Egbon: E be like say those people wey dey talk too get time, if First lady herself fit relocate go Dubai, why son inlaw no go fit take vaccine for obodo oyinbo

Mazi: But wait first, i bin think say dem talk say na January ending the vaccine go enter Naija now, we no hear anything again 

Egbon: Naso we take see am o, na make God dey protect man pikin, plus say make we self dey do wetin we suppose do be the way o

Aruosa Cathedral Church

Mazi: Naso, make we take responsibility, as the vaccine never enter, make we carry our hand protect our life

Egbon: You talk am well, Mazi, na today i no say e get one church where Muslim, Christain plus traditional worshippers dey gather go for Benin o

Mazi: No be that Arousa Cathedral Church wey dey for Benin, na the church Oba of Benin dey go, i hear say e don tey wey dem start the church self

Egbon: Naso i read am, the news wey make me sabi say that kind church dey na the one wey talk say the Oba of Benin commot the priest for the church

Mazi: Ehn ehn, wetin the priest do?

Egbon: Dem no too explain the matter well, the traditional council only talk say the priest no follow the custom wey dem dey take rule the church

Mazi: If true true, him no follow the custom, dem suppose commot am, sake of say tradition no be joke

Naira Marley’s Tattoo

Pidgin News (201): Okonjo Iweala No Get Enemy

Egbon: And na only the place wey law no dey sin no dey, if law dey, punishment suppose dey

Mazi: Yes o, i too dey gbadun that Oba of Benin, hmm, this thing don dey trun normal thing o

Egbon: Wetin be that?

Mazi: The other day, na one lady draw Bobrisky tattoo for her back, now, another lady don draw Naira Marley tattoo put for her leg

Egbon: Hiss, yeye people, dem go dey alright las las, i wan dey go jare

Mazi: No mind dem, we go talk later 

Ngozi Okonjo Iweala
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