Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (200): The Fear Of EFCC

The Fear Of EFCC

Mazi: Naa this kind thing dem dey call like father like son (cut in..

Egbon: And you fit still call am like mother like daughter

Mazi: This particular one na father and son, sake of say Maina son don do the kind thing wey him father do before dem later arrest am

Egbon: Ehn ehn, wetin him do o, shey him don carry government money too?

Mazi: No be say him carry government money o, the thing na say him don run commot Naija the same way wey him father take run go Niger Republic that time

Egbon: Hmmm, this country self, how him take run commot, at least no be say him dissapear commot

Mazi: Me self wonder o when i see am for inside News say EFCC talk say him don run go America and him still get case for court

Egbon: O ga o, na why i dey doubt if this government even dey serious ontop this corruption wey dem dey fight, how person wey dey answer question for court go run commot for the country

Mazi: Me self wonder o, and no be say court don talk say him dey innocent, maybe na the fear of EFCC make am run commot

The Fear Of EFCC

Pidgin News (200): The Fear Of Efcc
Faisal Maina.

Egbon: Laugh, the fear of EFCC, i even see one tory wey talk say one man wey dem suspect say na Yahoo him dey do don die when him dey try run say make EFCC no catch am

Mazi: Shuu, that one fit be the Fear Of EFCC

Egbon: Dem say na the number 6 floor, 1004 Estate the thing take happen for Lagos state o, dem say him no wan make the EFCC people catch am

Mazi: This life sha, him wan get money, him wan buy car, everything don finish like this, i no just no why many young people no dey get patience again for this country

War Against Cancer

Egbon: Very painful, people no wan get patience again o, dem wan get money sharp sharp, crime con look like cancer wey dey chop the society small small

Mazi: You no lie, that cancer wey you talk remind me the thing wey i read wey talk say today na World cancer day

Egbon: How that one con take concern us o?

Mazi: E concern everybody, according to the thing wey i read, W.H.O talk say too much tobacco, alcohol and smoking fit cause cancer

Egbon: Thank God say i no dey do anyone out of the one wey you mention

Mazi: E no matter o, the W.H.O talk say better food na one of the ways to take make sure say person no get cancer

Egbon: I don learn plenty things inside this thing wey you talk o

AK-47 For Nigerians

Mazi: You see, e show say no be only Business i dey do, I even hear say Taraba Governor, Ishaku carry advise give federal government say make dem allow make Naija people dey carry AK-47

Egbon: Ahh, that one full mouth o, how everybody go dey carry that kind gun?

Mazi: Him talk say, if government no fit protect people, say make dem allow make the people protect themself

Egbon: This matter get as e sound for my ear o, true true, government suppose do something, but i no sure say to allow make people carry gun na the way o

Mazi: Yes o, crime go con dey fall ontop crime

Sunday Igboho Tenders Apology

Egbon: Yes o, for my side dem dey talk one proverb say the ear wey hear as matter go suppose ear as the matter come

Mazi: Which matter go, which one come?

Egbon: Sunday Igboho don beg Ooni say make him no vex, say na anger make am talk everything wey him talk that time

Mazi: Is ok o, na why e good make person dey careful when him dey vex be that, now, the thing wey him talk don dey ground

Egbon: Na true you talk o, sake of say if anger finish, person no go fit cancel the thing wey the anger make am talk

Mazi: We go see later

Egbon: Ok now, take care

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