Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (194): Beware Of Cucumber

Beware Of Cucumber

Egbon: I know say you go don hear the news so i no need ask you say shey you don hear

Mazi: Laugh, you self no say my own current naa full one, e no dey low at all

Egbon: Ohhhh, so, you wan start to dey feel yourself like that

Mazi: Naa person wey get body suppose raise shoulder o, anyways naa which news you dey talk

Egbon: Pele o shoulder raiser, Naa the one wey talk say Bubu don sack Service Chief i dey talk

Mazi: Ah ah, na who never hear, i don hear am since and na better something say las las Bubu do the thing wey Naija people wan make him do

Egbon: Abi o, but, after him sack the before before service chiefs, con appoint New ones, i con see one video o

Mazi: Na wetin happen inside the video?

Egbon: Hmmm, Mazi, for this life ehn, any position wey man dey, him suppose dey do well o, sake of say one man no fit dey power for life

Mazi: No be lie, but you never answer the question wey i ask you o, na wetin dey inside that video wey you see?

Egbon: For inside the video, naso i see plenty soldiers dey dance sake of say Bubu don sack Buratai con appoint another Oga for Nigerian Army

Mazi: Hmmm, naa na now, i dey try understand where you dey carry the matter go o (cut in…

Egbon: I no carry am go anywhere, the thing wey i dey try talk na say e dey ok make person dey do good

Beware Of Cucumber

Mazi: Na the same thing we dey talk, na you no coolu temper make i talk wetin dey my mind

Egbon: I bin dey think say you wan carry the matter enter politics ni, according to the video sha, e show say plenty soldiers no dey happy with Buratai

Mazi: Na the meaning be that now, but wait o, why dem no change Oga patapata for ekelebe dem?

Egbon: I no even too understand that one, but the way i dey look am, e be like say the time wey him go retire never reach

Mazi: Ok, i hope say these New service chiefs go do better pass the people wey dey there before before o, make Naija fit get correct security

Egbon: Me self hope so, make e no go be say na same tory we go dey hear everytime

Mazi: Egbon, you no go believe one video wey me self see ontop internet o

Egbon: Ehn ehn, e be like say naa video video something con dey reign now o, abeg wetin happen inside the video?

Mazi: Hmmm, the thing shock me no be small, i con dey wonder say why people dey wicked like that

Egbon: You don start to dey do suspense like that, wetin happen, shey i do suspense when i talk my own

Mazi: No be suspense, na as the thing take shock me still dey wonder me o

Egbon: E never reach make e shock you finish, wetin happen jare?

Mazi: E be like say you no wan make i yan you the tory again

Egbon: No yan me again self, which one be this long suspense now

Mazi: Make i yan you, na one lady like this i see for inside the video o, she talk say naa Cucumber her Mama dey sale

Egbon: Ok, naa wetin con happen to the lady abi naa the Cucumber ?

Mazi: She con confess say she dey always take that Cucumber do plo plo for her toto everynight, con return am to the one wey her mama dey sale

Egbon: Ahh, you sure say this thing true like this?

Mazi: Naa my korokoro eye i take see the video o, she say, her mama no go know wetin she don take the Cucumber do, she go con carry the thing go market go sale

Beware Of Cucumber

Egbon: Oluwa o, naa wickedness be that o, the thing wey people go buy chop, she dey put am for her toto

Mazi: Hmmm, odikwa serious o, na why i no just dey buy things chop anyhow be that o, e better make person dey shine eyes o, make i con dey go my shop jare

Egbon: Na Baba Godey fit safe man pikin o, we go talk later

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