Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (192): Naira Marley, The Role Model

Naira Marley, The Role Model

Mazi: Naa different different tory person go dey see inside paper, we no even dey sure where this world dey go again o

Egbon: Hmmm, e look like say people no wan dey do better thing again o, naa so so bad bad thing plenty for inside the world

Mazi: Imagine o, i read am for News say some small small school pikin dey do like Naira Marley, pikin wey never sabi anything o

Egbon: O lagbara o, so among the plenty people wey dey inside this life, naa Naira Marley dem wan take do role model (read more here)

Mazi: E shock me as i see the tory o but i con take another eye look am, the thing no con shock me again

Egbon: Oshey eyan 2 face, one eye show say e good, the other eye say e bad, abeg, how e take good o

Mazi: You don start make you dey give the thing wey i talk another meaning o

Naira Marley, The Role Model

Egbon: No vex, naa as i take understand i talk am, talk am well make i fit understand

Mazi: You suppose ask if you no understand the thing wey i talk

Egbon: No be why i ask you now now say make you explain?

Naira Marley, The Role Model

Mazi: Ok, for one side, i no support the thing wey the school pikin do, for another side, i bin dey think say naa because say Entertainment don get atention pass Education dey cause am

Egbon: Hmm, you talk am well, infact, you no miss any point self, you no see how much dem dey give people wey dey do entertainment

Mazi: Nawa oh, so as e be now, naa Naira Marley the school pikin wan take do their role model

Egbon: Naso we see am o, i even hear say Amotekun arrest the pikin, Naira Marley con say dem no suppose arrest dem

Mazi: Dem suppose give the pikin better home training, nobody say make dem no use their talent if dem wan use am, but no be say, we go dey support behaviour wey no follow

Egbon: Naa that one you see wey you dey talk, shey you don see the photo wey show say Desmond Eliot siddon with one Boy wey dey do like girl, like Bobrisky own

Mazi: Ahh, the same Desmond Eliot wey dey Lagos State House of Assembly?

Egbon: Yes now, dem dey call the Boy James Brown, him dey do like girl, dey wear wig, do make up

Mazi: I don talk am say, i no understand where this world dey go again

Egbon: As the Boy see say Bobrisky dey make money from the one wey him dey do, naso, him too join o

Mazi: Taa, the thing wey money go cause for this life, no be small o, con check this tory o

Egbon:Ehn Ehn, you mean say this woman sale her baby like this

Mazi: Naso me self dey shock when i read am o, dem say, she go sale the baby give one Pastor for 10, 000 naira

Egbon: 10, 000 naira keh, which kind thing be this now, how person go born pikin for him belle con still go sale am

Mazi: Dem say naa the pastor wey buy am con go report the matter give Amotekun people wey con later arrest the woman

Egbon: Kai kai, why you born am when you know say you no go fit keep am

Mazi: She talk say the Boy wey give am Belle don run go say she no sabi how she go fit care for the baby

Egbon: Nawa o, things dey happen for this life o, make i con dey go jare

Mazi: Ok, take care

Naira Marley

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