Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (191): Cow Lives Matter

Cow Lives Matter

Egbon: I no even sure say human life still get value for this country again o

Mazi: Naa why you talk so o, because for inside our constitution for Naija, e get the part where dem write Human right put

Egbon: No be last year people protest say dem no wan make police dey kill people anyhow again

Mazi: Wey dem call the protest EndSARS that time before the thing turn yam pepper scatter scatter

Egbon: The police people don cause another wahala for Delta like this o, you remember say naa there dem first kill person before the protest start con go other states

Mazi: I remember that time wey one video dey trend ontop social media say police kill one youth like that

Egbon: Now I hear say dem don go kill another woman plus him pikin where dem dey chase the youths way dem suspect say dem be Yahoo Boys

Mazi: That wan dey painful o, I bin dey think say the police people don change o, say dem no dey check people phone again, this one wey happen no suppose be if naa true say dem don change o

Egbon: Abi now, now, the youths for the area don burn their motor con chase dem commot for the area, dem just waste that woman plus him pike life

Cow Lives Matter

Mazi: The bad bad thing wey this Yaho Yahoo something dey cause for this country no be small o, naa everybody wan get money by Force

Egbon: If you dey cut blame give Yahoo Yahoo boys, no forget to cut the blame wey suppose go Police people give dem o, because, I no sure say naa like this other countries wey don grow dey take fight people wey dey thief onto internet

Mazi: No change the thing wey I talk o, no be say I cut blame give Yahoo boys, con talk say the thing wey police do naa better something o

Egbon: O better o, e better make we explain the thing make e dey clear 

Mazi: I no fit support anything wey go dey against Human right, if no be for my business self, naa Human right activist I suppose dey do

Egbon: Pele o, Ryan Femi Falana, the activist, so you no fit commit eyes for your business, face activist wey you talk say you dey do

Mazi: When no be say, I don get another place where money go dey enter wey I go fit dey feed my family, I even hear say Falana don chuck mouth put for Bobi Wine matter for Uganda

Egbon: Naa better something o as e look like say African Union no wan talk anything ontop how Military take put the Man  and him wife for under House Arrest

Mazi: E go make sense wella if Falana fit help am carry the matter go where dem go fit torchlight am wella o, make dem no just suffer am ontop nothing

Pidgin News (191): Cow Lives Matter
Cow Lives Matter

Egbon: Yes o, e get one tory wey I read ontop that the matter of the people wey dey take Cow do Business for Ondo wey surprise me o

Mazi: You mean say after Garba Shehu talk, another gist don dey ontop the matter like this?

Egbon: Yes o, I hear say Northern Elders Forum don talk say make the Herdmen no commot for Ondo state

Mazi: Wetin go con happen to the order wey the state Governor give say make dem pack their load commot within 7 days (read more here)

Egbon: Naa that one i never understand like this o, as e be say Ondo State Government give order, Federal Government talk say the order no fit hold

Mazi: But wait o shey e con mean say Cow Lives matter pass human life

Egbon: My brother, naso e look like this o, but make we dey wait see how the fil go end

Mazi: I pray say make e end wella o, make e no go cause palava, we go talk later now

Egbon: Ok, take care

Cow Lives Matter

Cow Lives Matter

Garba Shehu
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