Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (186): Salute To Nigerian Soldiers

Salute To Nigerian Soldiers

Egbon: You see for this life ehn, e no good make person dey laugh sake of say another man fall

Mazi: You talk am well, but make i ask you o, naa who fall and naa who con dey laugh am?

Egbon: You remember say naa the other day i dey tell you say Instagram don delete Tunde Ednut account again

Mazi: I remember, wey you talk say naa after him don dash out 1 million give one of him followers, dem con delete the account

Egbon: You remember well, e get one singer wey dem dey call Speed Darlington, naa one of the people wey get issue with Tunde Ednut before Instagram first delete him account

Mazi: Ehn ehn, naa wetin con happen to the guy?

Egbon: The guy do one video after Instagram con later delete Tunde Ednut account, dey make mouth, him even talk say make Tunde Ednut beg am plus other people join 

Mazi: Suspense don dey pass the real tory o, naa wetin con happen to Speed Darlington now?

Egbon: Make i cut the gist short sha, Instagram don delete Speed Darlington account too

Mazi: Ahhhhh, that one strong o, true true, e no good make person dey laugh ontop another man downfall

Egbon: Naso life be o, even say person fall no mean say him no fit rise again

Salute To Nigerian Soldiers

Salute To Nigerian Soldiers
Nigerian Soldiers in Borno.

Mazi: Naa that fall wey you talk now now make me remember the tory wey i read say naa today be Armed Forces Remembrance Day

Egbon: Ehn ehn, make we no lie, Nigerian soldiers dey try no be small

Mazi: Since all these years wey dem don dey fight Boko Haram and dem still dey fight Bandits plus many other criminals, we suppose carry salute give dem

Egbon: Salute to Nigerian Soldiers o, naa Big work dem dey do, government suppose make sure say dem treat dem well, make dem fit get ginger take do more

Mazi: I see one video wey talk say President buhari go Eagle square go celebrate the Armed Forces Remembrance Day

Egbon: No be only that one we wan see o, naa better treatment for the Soldiers we wan see, this wan wey some of dem dey complain say dem no get better equipment, e no suppose be 

Mazi: I hope say government go do wetin dem suppose do ontop the matter, make our soldiers too fit get Joy

Bobi Wine, Desmond Elliot

Egbon: You don see any update ontop that uganda election?

Mazi: My brother, the thing wey i hear last naa say dem dey count o, dem con talk say naa the country current Presido, Yoweri Museveni still dey lead

Egbon: Nawa o, him still dey lead after him don rule for over 30 years?

Mazi: And i see say many people dey support Bobi Wine for the election o

Egbon: Naso me self hear o, e even get one thing wey i see ontop Twitter where people dey compare Bobi Wine and Desmond Elliot

Mazi: Dem no suppose compare dem at all, Desmond Elliot no show say him get the people wey him dey represent for mind 

Egbon: At all, you no see the dust wey him yaan for mouth when that EndSARS matter dey ground that time

Mazi: I even don read many things wey show say that Bobi Wine naa youth wey sabi wetin him dey do

Egbon: I just wish (cut in

Mazi: Which say him be Nigerian bah?

Egbon: Yes o, make we fit get that kind bobi Wine for this country like this, soething fit change for better o

Mazi: We get dem booku, the only thing naa say the system no go allow make we hear dem voice if dem no get godfather wey fit raise dem hand

Egbon: Nawa o, the matter con get as e be like this o, see, make i con dey go jare

Mazi: No too think am my brother, e go be, we go see later now

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