Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (181): National Identification Number For Sale

National Identification Number

Mazi: Dis NIMC staff still never call off the strike o, i hope say you don register your other sim cards?

Egbon: I never do the other sim cards o, naa only that one wey you explain give me i don do, i even hear say some people dey buy and sale National Identification Number, NIN

Mazi: Me self hear the gist for my area o, this Naija self, people fit sale anything, how dem go dey sale NIN

Egbon: Sometimes, if person broke, e fit sale something con buy the thing later o

Mazi: I dey suspect you self, so if you see person wey wan buy your NIN now, you go sale am?

Egbon: Hmmmm, e depend on the kind money wey the person wan pay o, shebi naa just make i go register another NIN plus sim card, lobatan

Mazi: Ahhhhh, which kind talk be this for your mouth, naa people like you dey sale votes, con dey later blame government say dem no do well

Egbon: That one naa different thing, i no fit sale my vote

Mazi: How e take be different something o, you no know say naa very dangerous thing to sale that kind NIN

National Identification Number

National Identification Number For Sale

Egbon: Dangerous bawo, how e take be dangerous something o?

Mazi: I hear say EFCC talk say those people wey dey buy the NIN fit use am do bad thing and if security people wan trace who get the NIN, naa the person wey sale am dem go arrest (read more here)

Egbon: Ehn ehn, e dangerous true true o, me self no fit sale am, i just dey joke, i no dey serious say i wan sale am

Mazi: Naa inside joke we dey see true talk o, my own advise naa say make you no try am o, make you no go put yourself for inside trouble sake of Chikini money o

Egbon: I say naa joke i dey joke, i no fit sale am

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Mazi: Ok o and e go make sense if you fit share the Gospel give other people wey never hear

Egbon: Which Gospel, i resemble pastor for your eyes?

Mazi: No be that kind Gospel i dey talk, i mean say make you tell other people say make dem no sale their National Identification Number

Egbon: Ok ooo, shey you don hear say federal government don ask the agency wey dey torchlight light matter say make dem never start to dey collect new light money

Mazi: That one naa better move o, sake of say the thing no go dey easy for Naija people for this kind period o

Egbon: Abi now, this kind time webi say some countries dey help thier people, naa burden Naija government wan put ontop their own citizen

The Weathiest Person In The World, Elon Musk
The Weathiest Person In the world, Elon Musk

Richest person In The Wold

Mazi: E get one News wey i read yesterday wey ginger me to double my Hustle o

Egbon: Wetin the news talk o?

Mazi: I hear say Elon Musk don overtake Bezos, him don become the richest person for all over the world now o

Egbon: That one naa better something o, but as you talk say you wan double your Hustle now, you wan follow am do competition?

Mazi: No be competition, the thing wey i mean naa say anything dey possible if person no give up ontop him Hustle

Egbon: Naa true talk, you no lie, but make i ask you o, naa how much that Musk con get now?

Mazi: Dem talk say him don get $190 billion as Bezos get $187 billion.

Egbon: No be small money o, make me self con dey go make i go Double my Hustle 

Mazi: E make sense like that o, we go talk later

Elon Musk

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