Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (180): The Pride Of Big Brother America

Big Brother America

Egbon: Mazi, make i even ask you self, shey you sabi how person fit do this sim card something wey government talk say make we go do?

Mazi: Ahhh, so you never do the thing, if dem con close am now, you go talk say government no try bah

Egbon: Naa simple question i ask you, naa another thing you dey talk, if you know sabi, you suppose talk am, which one be corner corner

Mazi: I just dey wonder why you never do the thing since

Egbon: Me dey fear o, i no wan risk my life sake of sim card o

Mazi: Fear kwa, wetin dey fear you inside make you go where dem go fit help you link the thing?

Egbon: Ahhhh, the plenty people wey dey the centres where dem dey do the registration no reach make i fear, i no wan go carry COVID-19 come house o

Mazi: Ohhhhh, naa that one, make i ask you, shebi you do BVN that time wey government talk say make people do the thing

Egbon: I do am now, how that one take relate to sim card registration wey i dey ask you

Mazi: Coolu your temper, since you do BVN, the matter no hard again, you no need go the centre where you go link your sim card

Big Brother America

Egbon: Ehn ehn, so naa wetin i suppose do now

Mazi: Correct question, ontop that number wey you take register the BVN, you go press *346# ontop your phone, dem go con show you your NIN number

Egbon: Correct man, after that one nko, naa wetin i go con do next?

Mazi: After you don get that number, you go con press *785# and you go put the 11 number wey dem first show you (read more here)

Egbon: This thing just dey do me like Dream, i no know say naa like this the thing be o, so i no need go the centre where dem dey do am, thank you o

Dramas In America

Pidgin News (180): The Pride Of Big Brother America
Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Mazi: You no need thank me, we gather dey 

Egbon: Ok, ehn, wetin be this thing wey i dey hear ontop America matter like this, the News true?

Mazi: My brother, the thing shock me too o, i no first wan believe say, Trump supporters fit do that thing o

Egbon: Nawa o, so that kind thing fit happen for America, this one naa serious drama o

Mazi: If you ask me, this America Drama pass Nigeria own and dem go dey form Big Brother America

Egbon: Laugh.. Big Brother America, but make we no lie, if to say naa Nigeria that kind thing happen, dem for don turn am to another thing o

Mazi: Naa now many people go know say naa man Goodluck Jonathan be, if him no do that thing wey him do that 2015, many people for Pai o

Egbon: Before nko, naa man him be, abi e get anybody wey call am woman

Rowdy Session In Ghanian Parliament

Mazi: No be that time some people dey talk say him too gentle, him do this, do that, dem don forget say him no wetin him dey do

Egbon: Anyways, i no dey part of the people wey abuse am sha o, shey you see the Video of how lawmkaers dey fight for Ghana

Mazi: Fight kwa, i never see am o, wetin cause dem fight, you get the video ontop your phone?

Egbon: I get am, con see am, you see as dem dey carry Chair?

Mazi: Ahhhhh, this wan serious o, see as this wan dey jump up and down, so no be only Naija this kind thing dey happen

Egbon: Maybe dem don learn am from Naija hand, my brother make i con dey go jare, i get appointment

Mazi: This video funny me o, anyways, we go see tomorrow now


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